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# 17 Addressed mostly to the Devs
05-16-2013, 03:52 PM
After doing this one there are several failings and why it is a pain to do. The ground part on the station just had bugs and that is easily fixed. If your a dev keep reading I am going to get mad at you but will explain what you do well.

1. Elachi Battleships get those 2 cruiser support ships those things are stupidly crazy strong (string more expletives if you want) for saying the battleship crapped them out. Where can we get those, and unless you tone them down the devs will have all players asking for something as totally dumb. (See fed carrier arguments for details) See loss of perspective on item 2.

2. The last time I saw more than one capital ship it was in a STF NOT a mission that a level 30+ need do. Its been mentioned that Subcommanders get this one. Seriously? Which dev is responsible for the total loss of perspective? (At least when Gozer made the STFs to torture players it was an endgame thing.)

3. The friendly AI is utterly useless. This isn't just a problem with this mission. In most missions its not an issue, its usually something that could be handled by most players anyways, its always when the blob is introduced. Which the STFs do, but by then the player has the skill, gear and experience and they have other players to depend on. Even those take time to get good at.

Whoever made this mission this hard I have a couple of requests. PLEASE make us some new STFs. The current ones are boring and you have a talent for endgame content. Running STFs 75+ times you hunger for something new. Also if you could come up with new fleet actions. The dev that buggered this one might work better doing end game and group content.