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05-16-2013, 02:53 PM
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on topic: chances are good, since it is a cruiser with a build in function (+ cloak console) similar to the excelsior (additional transwarp locations + transwarp computer console)
my guess would be that it cost 5 (or even 6) FSM if you did not own the T5 version

on the other hand i think it is a huge oversight by cryptic that after 3 years there is still no TNG bundle, so maybe they prepare something special for this TNG bundle or they simply haven't had the right opportunity to implement it.
example: TOS bundle and DS9 bundle had each a feature series when they came out. i would say cryptic is waiting to produce content and attach this TNG bundle to it, together with a fleet version of the dreadnought cruiser
just speculating though
i think that this speculation is correct, that and the fact that they push it back due to LOR.