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Originally Posted by ltcmdjamescore View Post
There Are Four Lights - resist indoctrination of Tal Shiar + title Defiant
Does this mean I can't just up and Thalaron radiate the "Test subject"

Sigh, That is rather disappointing. Oh well.

Originally Posted by ltcmdjamescore View Post
mission The Price of Neutrality

TAC Snow Surprise - hid some troops in a snow pile

there are science and eng specific too, don't know them (obviously, I have TAC Romulan toon ;-)
I have an engineer toon, just finished this mission and got the accolade. Will update this point when I get back in game and can track down the accolade. Should be worth noting there is also a general accolade with regards to Tovan's search for his sister.


"Eye for Fixing Problems" is the engineering optional for "Price of Neutrality"

And the Tovan one is "Family Comes First". From the description it sounds like to get that one you have to ask about Tovan's sister in The Helix, Gasko Blues and The Price of Neutrality.

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