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Originally Posted by dustreth View Post
I'm currently running a double aux2batt setup on my Jem'Hadar Dreadnought Carrier. I do understand that the ship in terms of survivability is quite squishy by design. However i'm open for suggestions for better tanking and such. Im currently running

TT1, APD1, TS3, APO3
EPtA1, A2B1, RSP2
EPtS1, A2B1(univeral LT)

3x purple technician
1x purple conn with reduced CD on TT +10 Attack Patterns
1x purple shield doff (chance to add shield heal on BFI)

Further i'm running a complete romulan plasma beam array build + romulan singularity harness set.

TAC: Plasma Infuser MK XI, 3x Plasma Infuser MXII
ENG:borg + rommie console, transwarp computer(for higher efficieny) and RCS MK XII
SCI:2X Embassy emitter array MK XI[+plasma]

Please let me now if you need more information
im of the opinion that that ship is practically non viable. but thats proboly how i would set one up. with shield repair drones. when LoR hits, try out EPtE instead of EPtA on this, your lack of mobility will likely become much less of a problem with that. id drop the transwarp computer for some armor or another turn console. really, once LoR hits, this will be able to move much better. you could even think of running singles and turrets with a DBB up front for BO3. turn it into a bit of a battle cruiser. play around with this ship on tribble

Originally Posted by unheard1978 View Post
dontdrunkimshoot pleaae can you tell me the best elite space shields for a escort a crusier and sci ship,
please with mods aka regx3 please

thank you
get a resistant capA, and a capB if you can afford it. disruptor, plasma and AP is becoming more popular. some people like cov elite, its got a bit more spike soak, but less hull damage and a bit more resist i just like best.
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