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05-16-2013, 07:24 PM
Cstore version set bonus also gives this:

Enhanced Maneuvering Systems (D'deridex)
+2 Turn Rate
+10 Engine Power

That boosts it's turn rate to 7.5

And one of the consoles helps with turning as well.

Console ? Universal ? Molecular Phase Inverter

Increases Defense, Damage Resistance, Speed and Turn Rate while also disabling ship collision. Can activate Cloak while Phased.

Console ? Universal ? Projected Singularity

Launches a mobile subspace tear that moves away from the front of your ship, dragging enemy ships in its wake before imploding to deal damage.

Use those two consoles on the D'Dex and the thing is a beast.

I normally only fly escorts, with the one exception of the vesta. but i can't wait to fly the d'dex with the set bonus.

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