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05-16-2013, 07:29 PM
Well,, as a lifer who has already spent WAAAAAY to much money on this game and has 12,000 zen in my account just WAITING to be spent,, that incidently was ALL bought with REAL money ( if a credit card can be considered real money) I have to say COngrats to Mr. C ryptic and his team for once again seperating me from my money!
Granted it took some doing, and for a while it looked like i want going to get hooked.,.. but that ship,, OW MAN,, THAT FRACKEN BEUTIFUL SHIP!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THE SHINY NEW SHIP!!!!!!!!!

I've been playing this game since open beta.. bought a one year sub after 30 minutes of playing the beta!!! Am i stupid? Definetly.. could i spend my money on more important things,, most likely... Do i care that ive spent well over $1200 on computer pixels and 1's and 0's that i will never actually get to touch? NOPE!

Thanks to the Devs for making STO what it is today! Something to suck my wallet dry, and suck my life away!!!!! In all seriouness... this game has definetly come a long way,,, sure i ***** and complain,, but im an american,, if we dont have something to complain about,, we arent happy!!! Keep up the good work,, and keep making the new shiny things so i can spend my money on SOMETHING besides Beer and hookers!
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