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As this thread has helped me out a lot in the past here is my contribution to it. I am sure I have missed a few as I was mostly looking at storyline and I may be repeating a few that have already been mentioned.


Romulan Resurgence: Tau Dewa 10 pts, Go to the Tau Dewa Sector (all factions)

Exploration Accolades:

Nimbus Survivor 25 pts, hit all the exploration points on the Nimbus map

Barfly 10 pts, enter bar

Gorn Ambusher 10 pts, jump off of land bridge to defeat Gorn

Tipsy Top 10 pts, get on top of the bar building

Watch your step 10 pts, pillar in Nimbus ruins

Watching the nothing 10 pts, climb guard tower in city

Why are you climbing a Mountain 10 pts, climb to the top near the south side of the downed ship

True Engineer 10 pts, Jump through engine wreckage

Nimble on Nimbus 10 pts, tightrope walk the green partictions at Nimbus City entrance

Cockpit Observer 10 pts, jump onto ship wreckage


Master Hacker 10 pts, unlock doors in Orion prision (10 I think) not currently working on holodeck

Nimbus Dance Master 10 pts, compete in 4 dance contests

Freedom for the People 10 pts, Nausicaan boss during hostage event

Gorn Gone 10 pts, defeat Gorn Chief Engineer

Queen Slayer 10 pts, defeat Aehalla worm queen

Storming the Stronghold 10 pts, defeat Nausicann boss at Orion Stronghold

Syndicate Smashed 10 pts, defeat Orion Taskmater at Stronghold

Scorpion Slayer 10 pts, defeat giant scorpion during event

Free Satellite Coverage for All 10 pts, defeat Tal Shiar boss at satellite

There are four lights 10 pts, Romulan only in Mindgame (fully resist interrogation)

Abducted 10 pts, 20 Elachi ships

Indoctrinated 25 pts, 100 Elachi ships

Free Thinker 50 pts, 200 Elachi ships

In the Dark 10 pts, 100 Elachi

Dug Up 25 pts, 500 Elachi

Spore Smasher 50 pts, 1000 Elachi

Rock Smasher 10 pts, kill Gorn rock throwers (unsure how many)

Rebellious Elements, kill 100 Klingon Empire Rebels (thanks to the one Gorn in the Snap Dragon crew...there will be 500, & 1000 as well, but I doubt I'll have the heart to do it one kill at a time)

Lore Accolades

Family comes First 10pts, ask about Tovan's sister at Helix, Gasko, & Ajlion

Story accolades

It's a Fake 25 pts, finish story mission (can't actually remember the name ATM) also unlocks an emote

Snow Surprise 10 pts, tac option in price of Neutrality (Fed accessable with allied teammate)

Eye For Fixing Problems 10 pts, eng option in price of Neutrality (Fed accessable with allied teammate)

Healing hand of Science 10 pts, sci option in price of Neutrality (Fed accessable with allied teammate)

Winter Warfare with Wellwishers 10 pts, all class objectives in price of Neutrality (Fed accessable with allied teammate)*I haven't had any luck getting the other Romulan accolades let me know if anyone is finding differently...also assuming you can do this with KDF and allies but I haven't tried it.


Khellid Wrangler 50 pts ,get all 16 lobi store Khellids (Thanks to CNova for buying me a couple of these to fill out my list)

Each of the unlockable 5 trait slot is a 10 pt accolade


Romulan Siege Breaker, get all 5 named Romulan ships in Fleet Alerts

being that there new siege groups there could also be incursion groups which may have been what has been causing the incursion defender accolade to not pop (just speculation of course)

Thanks again to Matt and everyone who has been keeping this thread going.

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