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05-16-2013, 10:16 PM
Its nearly time for the Romulan faction, so obviously many people are jumping on the wagon and doing the "Its always been my favorite team" routine, creating even more fleets in a fleet saturated community.

Now before anyone gets the impression that I or anyone of the IRF is against this, we are not! But why join a hastily thrown together wannabe fleet or a fleet that clearly has issues when you can join the fleet that has been ROMULAN since beta and earlier still? A fleet that welcomes all, including former members that left under one reason or another, new, old returning, vet, it doesn't matter, we accept you with open arms and a bottle of the finest ale we can offer.

WE have teamspeak, our own website and forums, facebook, and good ol fun.

Many members are veterans of multiple mmo games, so you can say weve been around the block, I have, and I can tell you that the IRF isnt going anywhere.

Join an established premier ROMULAN THEMED fleet