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05-17-2013, 04:41 AM
ok, so I got myself almost through this arc and...

... and first of all I'm stuck during "making lemonade" the "aerolization device" thing won't activate, so a bug, one of those making mission unfinishable, so please take look a this

at the beginning it's said my cover identity supposed to outrank a subcommander, while everyone refers to me as centurion all the way to the end which causes inconsistency

I was actually hoping I could switch sides during this mission and finally ditch this lame republic, but apparently I can't - shame, but think about it please

now for the good part: testing weapons on eppohs was... rewarding, watching wretched pests die made me smile and feel there are still good things in life,

btw when KDF players can expect a change in new romulus adventure zone from eppoh tagging to eppoh stomping? with pet targs and mastiffs hunting those little vexation of a creatures?

edit: game crashed just now while submitting this post

edit 2: I verified game files and run the 'lemonade' again, finished with no fuss, so no idea what might cause this bug

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