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05-17-2013, 03:50 AM
Originally Posted by roejspinodji View Post
For the noob, claiming that 500Zen monthly income from LTS is the only income, you forget that per toon you can convert around 240.000 dili per month (converted on a varying exchange rate, lets say 150) would be 1600 ZEN per month per toon. So if you have 5 toons, you get 8000 Zen per month anyway, so the 500 dont really kick in. Don't tell me, that you dont know how to farm 8000 dili ore in 15 min per day....
I dont care trollers opinion, but I defend my position against "ohh Cryptic is so fantastic" guys, simple as that.
It`s ok, no need to answer again, you pay, I dont any more.
Insulting me by referring to me as a noob (and you can claim you aren't directing this at me if you like, but I'd love to know to whom you ARE referring) is the sign of a desperate mind.
First, I did not claim 500Zen from LTS was the only income of Zen but you chose to read it that way. I stated that it was a benefit if you do not purchase Zen directly any more (which you don't). And I love your snide attempt at making me look dumb by that "farming dil" bit in your post... bless you for trying but "the 500 dont really kick in" is inaccurate... what you mean is it doesn't make a difference - "doesn't kick in" would mean it doesn't work/happen. This is not grammar or spelling correction, btw, more a correction of the innapropriate use of slang.
Secondly, I am not trolling, simply going against your opinion (which is very much that - YOUR opinion). If you do not like people going against your opinion, why post it in a public forum?
Thirdly, could you point to exactly where I stated anything which even hints that I believe "ohh Cryptic is so fantastic"? I think you'll be hard pressed to do so, because it is not something I have even hinted at.

I do note, by the way, that you didn't answer my previous question about your preference for how Cryptic should deal with your large number of bug reports.

You do not pay any more, that's fine, and your prerogative. I do not dispute your right to pay or not, or complain, but I do think that you gave poor reasons for interpreting Cryptic's decision to include more items in the Legacy Pack. Thus far, you have not convinced me that your conclusions on this matter are even close to valid. As to your complaints about the LTS, you haven't even come close to answering my questions to you on that count either.