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05-17-2013, 04:57 AM
Hey, Just thought I'd chime in with my post on this group.

What we have are some very nice people and a well developed starbase (tier 4 Shipyard and sci, working on eng at the moment) and well stocked on requisitions. We are also fairly close to having a tier 3 embassy, diplomacy is maxed and we nearly have tier 3 recruitment done

We also have our own TS and Website.

Activity can be spotty at times, like a lot of places I suppose. But when you have people on they are very very chatty. Everyone is willing to answer questions no matter how newbie. And TS can be buzzing when people are on.

We also have people working on RP and we have RP games running as we speak, so if you are into storytelling we have a very committed group.

We also have a KDF fleet which isn't as developed but its got all the T2 amenities on the starbase.

And you get to bug me with questions, which is always entertaining.

I've enjoyed my time in this fleet.