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05-17-2013, 07:17 AM
When I first experienced the mission, my character was already level 50, and I was using a T'varo Retrofit. The two initial waves were pretty well balanced, and generally enjoyable to go through. The final wave was, in contast, such a huge ramping up in difficulty that it became a process of dying and slowly thin out enemy numbers until I managed to compete.

People are worried whiners will get something 'good' toned down. Well, I'm not a whiner - I'm a tester whom is commenting on the difficulty level. I'm one of those guys whom trudge through the initial STFs and found ways to beat them. I was one of those guys whom was annoyed when they toned down the difficulty of the space enemies during STO's open beta.

From that standpoint, I'll just lend my voice to those saying that last wave goes too far. It does. It also gets old to get swatted aside like a fly repeatedly. Challenge is nice, but it shouldn't go so far as sour the fun of it either.

Personally, I'd want the number of enemies to remain the same. The key, I beleive, is to improve the NPC support the player has.

First of all, I'd increase it, and have some named Romulan Republic ships joining the fray be 'unkillable' as well - using vessels such as the Ha'apax-class R.R.W. Deihu and others can be nice for continuity (and also justify why there's still a flotilla afterwards - because apparently that's what's defending New Romulus).

Second, I'd suggest changing the unkillable mechanic from 'repairing once disabled' to 'the eternal 1 hitpoint'.That way, the allied ships remain enemy targets.

The point of this is giving the player proper support so that he not end up under an overwhelming amount of enemy pressure while maintaining the epic feel of being part of a climatic pitched battle for the new Romulan homeworld. Player death should still be possible, but it'd be better to elicit an "Oops" reaction from the player whom got too careless rather than a "Grr, again?!" to one whom is trying to do his best and not finding he can really compete.
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