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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
never bothered leveling up that high, again, but it sounds like theres an actually challenging mission to look forward too. unless all this wineing about it gets it nerfed into nothing. seriously, the average pve'er uses their ship to about 10% of its potential, and the devs balance the pve based on those people. thats why space pve is so frigging bad.
While my past experience has been that most people do indeed suck at flying their ships, I personally am capable of getting pretty much everything out of a ship that is possible and this final fight is a bit of a chore.

Its probably something to do with the level you do it at but it is very hard to get close to the command ship, let alone destroy it. It has seriously good shields and shield resistances, auto-distributes shields, has an army of battleships helping it (which spawn little platforms which use extend shields are are harder to kill than they have a right to be) and on top of that, it is a fully fledged carrier with all the trimmings and every ship in their fleet has a toned-down (or not in the case of the dreadnoughts) version of the Scimitar's blast. Oh and they all spam Viral Matrix. Joy.

And there are 3 of them in the attacking fleet. All grouped together.

It is a challenging fight. Worth replaying at max level if possible just to test your skill. I suspect even then, with best gear in game, you would die more than a few times.

There is really no encounter in the game like it. With the exception of Wave 9 or 10 in No Win Scenario. And those you don't do alone.