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They have a few tricks and setups that are designed specifically to counter Romulans. Surprisingly, I think broadside cruisers and kinetic/torpedo/mine ships are probably the best counter to them.

Their escorts are primarily APO forward attack ships("spearheads", if you will.). Their Frigates are flanking control/cripple ships. Battleships are an all-purpose mix of the two with support capacity, and their Dreadnoughts.. are hunters designed to chase you down and bring the pain-train. Personally, I like the way they fight in space. Their methods are different from the status quo and make you think about what you're doing(and what both you and they will be doing a few seconds from now).
Yeah I've found a dragon build to be quite effective against them. It's especially fun venting warp plasma when you know they're gonna subspace jump in a few seconds.
How they fight on the ground.. is a different story. Getting chain-disabled and interrupted.. simply is not something I find to be an enjoyable expenditure of my time. There are no counters to a lot of it("Here! have a dozen exploding head-crabs, right on top of you and out of thin air!") and you probably spend more time doing nothing/waiting while fighting them instead of.. actually playing the game.
the face huggers are something that you can shoot before they get to you. If you kill them before they jum,p on you they are actually really easy to deal with. The trick is to see them first.... not always easy. They don't usually actually spawn on top of you. But it you don't pay attention it's easy to walk into them.

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