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the face huggers are something that you can shoot before they get to you. If you kill them before they jum,p on you they are actually really easy to deal with. The trick is to see them first.... not always easy. They don't usually actually spawn on top of you. But it you don't pay attention it's easy to walk into them.
Oh yeah, it's mostly during Turnabout where you're trying to stop the ship from self-destruction and you get about 8~ of them spawning around you in a circle in the hallway(presumably dropping from the hatches in the ceiling - actually had one get stuck up there). You've only got maybe 2 seconds to react before they all leap at you and leave ya twiddling your thumbs. If you're 'unlucky', you'll get a second one jumping on right after the first one explodes, repeating the cycle of helplessness.

As for their weapons, I believe they're a type of plasma-disruptor.. although I really want to get my hands on those crescent-shaped cannons.