Thread: Why do you PvP?
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05-17-2013, 08:44 AM
Well, since you asked.

First, to set down the base of my reply, I consider PvP to be anything where one player directly faces off against another player. I'll stretch my own defination and add that it has to include actual combat so we're not talking about market wars or corp theft (yes I did play Eve Online, why do you ask?).

If I PvP, it is either a matter of necessity or a matter of social pressure, though that isn't the best word.

By necessity, it means that I have to PvP in order to do something else in game. In open world PvP, this is usually something like I need to get from here to there, and someone may try and kill me on the way. Even if I never fire a shot, I feel that if I make it I just won. And if I don't, I lost.

For social pressure, I don't mean, someone who keeps bugging me on comms saying lets go kill something. I mean more like someone comes on comms and says lets go see what we can find, we get a group, and we roam to find something to kill.

I suppose overall, I like the kind of PvP that has the most surprises in it and the most sense of discovery. I don't like the cage match mentality of shooters like Halo or CoD, or like STO. It takes away the randomness of a roam like game, and reduces the number of elements you bring to the fight. In a roam, you have far wider options as to what you are going to do, and how you can do that. In the cage match, you bascially have only two things, your fit, and how fast you are at the controls.

Or, put simply, I like strategy, not tactics.
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