Thread: Why do you PvP?
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05-17-2013, 09:51 AM
Question is missing a qualifier. Some games like COD are all-PVP all-the-time, where the whole idea is shoot and get shot. I suppose there are still some people who only play COD for the single-player campaign (used to be its primary focus), but multiplayer combat is the whole point of the game now.

I also play a Freelancer server where there are no non-combat zones, although there has to be a reason to attack somebody (role-play cops and robbers, etc). Dont sign up if you arent willing to PVP, because it is also all-PVP all-the-time.,

Games like this, where PVP is glued onto the side, are actually the most annoying for PVP. The majority does not want to lose, so they do not fight, and the PVP mechanisms become low-priority. In games where PVP is always ON, the mechanisms have to be balanced or people wont log in.

Objective-based, timed combat, is not really compatible with immersive role-play universes. What I mean is, if you have a universe that moves along as a collective whole, you can create places where you expect combat to occur, and create places where it should not occur, and have the combat contribute or reflect the overall arc. Old days in Ultima Online, where the universe was persistent and shared, and PVP anywhere, you took your lockpick/thief to a dungeon and emptied a chest, and it was empty for everybody until the next time it spawned. Another thief might come in behind you, and steal the loot from you. And you might kill him. The PVP was part of the story, and was not objective-based like capture-the-flag.

STO does not really have an overall arc, it has single-player campaigns that operate in different times and dimensiosns, and then you come back to the present-day universe. There isnt any real player interaction within the universe, because there is no shared, persistent universe anyway. Furthermore, the instance/zone model that STO uses precludes any kind of progression mechanism. What are you going to do with war zones, when Feds win instance #4 and KDF wins instance #3? Objective-based, timed combat, is really the only thing they can do without wholesale changes to the game, and they cant even afford to build a proper three-way PVP, so .... this is what we get.

To answer the short question, however, I dont PVP much. I dont really like item-centric combat.