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# 1 Feds OP in ground PvP?
02-03-2010, 02:41 AM
This is my experience with some games from the start of Live, though I've played since CB and done OB and Headstart. I know ground PvP is buggy as hell, and it seems to actually bug in Fed favour.

Autofire Rifles (not sure exact name but something like that) - Basically from the fights I've seen them used, they seem to produce a lot of damage, so much so that in a previous game today an hour ot 2 back, we had a 5v5 on Assimilated Cruiser. We'd bunch up and they'd rush into us, 4 secs later we are all dead, literally. No exposes or anything, they did spam those annoying skills that slow/root/stun/prevent you attacking as they attacked. Has anyone else experience a similar problem with these rifles? Hell the team that was using them even seemed to potentially be botting as well, not a single message, moving around the map in exactly the same pattern, spamming the same abilities etc.

OK the scenario for this one, abandoned ship, 7v7 or whatever, I had one of them exposed with stasis field and right after it I used my sniper ability to kill them, but instead found that they took barely any damage, still had just over 1/3 shield left. No abilities I could see were used on the player, the exposed icon was on there the whole time, I had no debuffs on me, no one shooting at me or interupting me. I asked them and he said he had blue/purple gear. They were not a team or anything and no science as far as I could tell since no heal/stasis etc were used. Could anyone tell me what happened here?

Another problem, quite a number of Feds seem to end up with blue/purple gear, and use klingons stuck with whites. Creates a large imbalance.

Not sure what some people have been doing, but I've seen a few people able to sprint around two shooting people without exposing.
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# 2
02-03-2010, 03:29 AM
Ground PvP is *not* overpowered to any of the sides. The fact he didn't take much damage was maybe that he had a high damage resist on the type of damage you were using against him.

Concerning the gear. You can buy most of the gear, albeit blue gear is hard to come by as klingon but once the pve content for klingons hit live, that should (hopefully) change.
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# 3
02-03-2010, 03:35 AM
or temporarily another method is to grind up a Fed toon and run PvE missions to equip out your Klingon toon with decent gear.

It's a terrible way of having to get gear for our beloved warriors, but it seems about the only way to do it at the moment. I really hope Cryptic gives us some ability to farm Blue gear soon, it's a terrible handicap having to level 2 toons to make one of them equal to the opposing faction.

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