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# 1 Equinox Fleet
02-03-2010, 02:48 PM
(I'm pulling this out of the archive. I'm going to post a more updated one later!)

Equinox Fleet is a more relaxed fleet,
We focus more on organizing groups for PvP, leveling and missions.
Equinox started as a closed beta fleet, but is now opening the doors to the public.
The plan it to help all members learn the ropes of STO then move on to having fun together!
The fleet current consists mainly of people well versed in STO and Star Trek Lore.
Right now the idea is to get people together then organize more in preparation for the release of STO.
If you would like to apply, just post here and register at our website

Is Equinox right for ME?
  • Equinox is not for everyone
  • If you participated in the closed beta, please apply - theres already many of us here!
  • If you are a hardcore roleplayer, Equinox is not right for you. Sorry
  • If you are looking for more casual gaming with a solid team, consider applying

Again to apply simply visit our website!

Equinox is made up of experienced gamers, both in MMOs in general and in STO
We aim to have a small, family-like community feel. Right now the cap on members is 100.
However, we are currently accepting anyone who applies.

Equinox currently has a website with forums and a voice-chat server
We use a state-of-the-art voice chat platform called Mumble. It is fully open source. It is less used, but is much easier to use than Teamspeak and Ventrilo.

If Equinox looks like a future home for all you Captains out there,apply now!

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