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  • "A Step Between Stars":
    • Resolved an issue where Tuvok and Cooper may vanish if players log out and log back in to the mission.
    • Resolved an issue where players killed in the sun room of the second part of the station could not respawn.
    • Resolved an issue which would cause a map to look nearly empty during the spacewalk portion.
      • This was a graphics issue which occasionally occurred on lower settings.
    • Tuned the friction/traction experienced during the Space Walk so that stopping and starting are a bit friendlier.
      • High speed movement will remain difficult to control.
    • Tuvok now has the correct uniform in the journal banner for "A Step Between Stars".
  • Resolved an issue which was blocking progression in the episode "Coliseum".
  • Khan Off-duty costume set:
    • EV suits and armors now appear normally when wearing the Khan outfit.
    • The Khan hair option is back.
      • In addition to this, the Khan hairstyle has been added to Andorians and Tellerites.
  • Romulan females now have the Hirogen shoulder pads as an option once the Hirogen Enhanced Battle Armor costume set is purchased from the Lobi store.
  • Advanced Voth Fighters are once again available in the Dilithium Store.
  • Resolved an issue which was causing Away Team Members to path through doors in the embassy on Regulus IV incorrectly.
  • Tops of chests now blend correctly with Orion females.
  • Resolved an issue causing some ship animations to play incorrectly with all 3 faction veteran reward ships.
  • The portal behind Q on New Romulus Command can now be seen and heard on low settings.


  • 4 Year Anniversary Dyson Ships:
    • Resolved an issue that would cause the Hazard Emitters to drain allies' shields if the caster had the Solanae Secondary Deflector equipped.
    • Dyson ship interiors can be set to faction specific bridges now instead of only having access to the Dyson bridge.
    • The Solanae Secondary Deflector can now be reclaimed for free via the Dilithium Store under Special Items and Boxes>Special Items.
      • It will only appear if:
        • You own a Dyson Science Destroyer from the Anniversary event.
        • You don't currently own a Solanae Secondary Deflector.
  • Alpha Deception Field console now only affects the Cooldowns of Bridge Officer abilities.
    • Descriptions on item and power updated to reflect this fix.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing Projectile Officers from properly reducing torpedo cooldowns.
  • Solanae Space Set:
    • Maneuvering enhancements, such as Evasive Maneuvers, will now affect players that have Advanced Metaphasic Shielding active.
  • Mark Bonus Pools from the Hirogen Lock Box are no longer Bind on Pickup.
    • Existing versions of this item will remain Bound, but all future versions will not Bind.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing Science Team from cleansing the effects of Destabilized Tetryon.
  • The Nimbus Pirate Distress Call can no longer be used while piloting a Small Craft.
  • Fleet Support will now summon allied Small Craft if used while piloting a Small Craft.
  • Updated the description of the Festive Party Horn to no longer mention having "many various effects", since it always does the same festive thing.


  • Quick Equip:
    • Quick Equip now functions correctly in the following zones:
      • Qo'noS
      • Deep Space 9
      • Dyson Joint Command
      • Romulan Flotilla
      • New Romulus Command
      • New Romulus
      • Starbase 39
      • Drozana
    • Items which were swapped out of a ship using quick equip will now re-slot themselves once the player switches back to the ship they were swapped from.
    • Resolved an issue which was causing quick equip to not work for bridge officers.
  • Resolved an issue which was causing headshots of other players to not load when viewing their information screen.
  • Resolved an issue that caused Duty Officer portraits to always appear as if they were active.
  • Resolved an issue where progress bars on mission tracker was too small vertically.
    • An example of this is the control bar in the Dyson Battlezone which looked incorrect.


  • The template map Interior Ice caves 03 will no longer be partially cut off and inaccessible.

Known Issues:

  • The new feature Ship Loadouts is still being finalized and is not available currently on Holodeck.
    • This feature is still available on Tribble to test and send feedback on.
    • We plan to bring this to Holodeck as soon as possible.
  • KDF captains cannot switch to all costume slots.

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