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Hi all i thought i would start a new post of what kind of mission you would like implemented to the game.

Alot of complaint around forums about mission and lack of creativity. So lets help the crew of Cryptic and let them know what we like to see and give them some idea for some brain storming. Since a MMO is a game in working progress your idea might be implemented in future.

Remember this is not a flaw post what you dont like.. this is your chance to let them know how you like a random mission to be in explorer mission.

So post your suggestion below
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02-04-2010, 02:12 AM
Ship mission:

Random race have beam abord your ship and take over the ship
and you need to fight off the intruder to take over the ship again

i see complain about lack of tactic. so lets make one where you can do it hard or easy way

lets say the mission start out as a intruder alert warning and captain ( we ) wake up in our captains room. from there we are alone rest of our away team is unconscious at different places on the ship. and if you want to use them you need to get to them and heal them up with your tricorder.

or you can fight the enemy by your self but this will be harder if you come across larger group of patrols.

but let say you have a way to sneak by them to reach to one of your officer and from there it get easy to reach the others.

they can be located like in engine room, transporter room, mess hall, ect.

once you have all your bridge officer up running you advance up to take over the bridge where it will be a full battle with alot of enemy.
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02-04-2010, 03:58 AM
Ship ( time based mission )

you need to scan an nebula or your ship is caught in the way of a shockwave from a supernova.

The ship have taken heavy damage and you need to run around the ship to repair damage.

For example the there could be a warpdrive overload where you need to run from your bridge down to engineer room to shut down the warp drive. All in the engineer room are unconscious and you have a damage ship with fire in hallway that will slow down your way to engineer room so you have option to find other ways around or use fire-extinguisher to get your way to the room before the times runs up and you have to restart mission.

after warp core is stabilzed you can have other multi task to stop fire in the ship, and heal up crew.
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02-04-2010, 04:02 AM
Aid a colony from a Dangerus virus.

where you beam down the colony and need to find some dead person, tho scan him/her to find out more clue about the pleage or virus.

After that your sience officer suggest that you can find a cure from a flower or a life form on the planet and you need to run around to find it.

and after complete that you need to cure x-amount of people

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