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# 1 some questions
02-04-2010, 09:21 AM
hi ! Im not playing yet
because in europe didn't left to the market yet , and i want a box xD

I'm think of being in the klingon side , because i love the klingon ships,
especially the vorcha xD

but my questions are this :
1- there is any place to see the klingon ships? like the fed have in the offical site?

2-The teams are balanced? exemple : 70% of players in fed side and only30 % in klingon?

3- I didn't played the beta, and so the only things i know about the game it is from here
So i was a wow player, but since wotlk i get bored and decided to try another game
i was a priest in wow and i like to do a support dutty,
so my best choice it will be to be a science captain right?
stiil i can get a vorcha? or i will be forced to get a science ship??

i just hope you can reply quickly to my question
and i hope see you in game soon xD

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