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Experienced MMO, Vent capable and casual to Cheesy Poof Eatin Addicted mmo player seeks a Fleet that is relaxed, helpful (Not Hand outs or GUILD/Fleet Welfare for Noobs) amd somewhat tolerent of those like me, so new to this MMO that it is overwhelming my sense of security in the MMO world. I am willing to learn, listen to advice. I never beg for items or currency, believeing that half the fun is aquiring currency or items in a natural progression.
My Star Trek background is this. Loved original series but STS9 is my favorite. I am in a mixed marriage because my wife is ST:VOY Played a littel of the Beta. proud owner of Gamestop preorder so yeah, I have a Constitution Class Ship and DS9 uni's.
I am more of a Team/Quest kinda guy but I did quite well in the BG's of WoW.
I will be honest, this game is more difficult than I anticipated and the Hit/Miss nature of grouping has been a blessing and a source of great drustration.
I am perfectly willing to fill out an on line app or meet in a chat environment (In game or Ventrilo) for interview. You can find me at
Thansk for taking time to read this.
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02-04-2010, 11:46 AM
Good afternoon Mr. Bill (hopefully not the SNL version haha)! I'm one of the recruiting officers for the Flaming Pie Squadron, a group of multi-MMO gaming folks that are both US & EU based (US here myself) with ages ranging from the low 20's to mid 40's (and even one newer fellow out in CA who's in his mid 50's!).. I won't waste time and space reposting in fancy formatting and colors what you can already read for yourself in the linked thread below, but to sum us up, we're a mature fleet who focuses on comradarie, alot of humor/laughs and bottom line: fun. Pretty laid back group that knows how to listen to & help each other when needed, organize and get things done when need be, but otherwise absolutely does not take itself too seriously nor have some overbearing rigid rank structure or the like. So I invite you to read about us in our recruitment thread linked below and corresponding guild website which can be found within:

Regardless of your decision, I wish you good fortune going forward in your adventures around the galaxy!
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02-04-2010, 11:55 AM
Check us out as and if you like what you see your welcome to join us on our dedicated TS3 server and chat with the guys.

You may find me in game Ruff Rider@RuffRider or you can fill out an application once you register on our forums under Oaths section.

Goodluck sir and gods speed.


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