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# 1 The Ascending Dragon Fleet
02-04-2010, 05:36 PM
The Empire of the Ascending Dragon is looking for active, dedicated and mature players that are seeking a fleet to join. We aim to do PvE / PvP / Endgame as they become available. We are open to all classes and ship roles for the fleet and welcome all style of players: Professional, Hardcore, Easy-Going and even Role-playing. The Empire is aiming to be in multiple games in the future.

"Honor, Perfection, Enlightenment..."
X-Fire Page -
Home Page - (Under Construction)

- We use X-fire to manage the Ascending Dragon until we complete our website which is under construction...
- We own a Teamspeak 3 server for voice chats during Fleet Actions, PvP and just to talk...
- We plan to host events on within the game and off the game for the Ascending Dragon...
- We will be expanding to the Klingon side sometime later and other games...
- We try to help players in understanding how to play STO and help with missions when possible...

Current Divisions
- Star Trek Online
- World of ********
(More MMO's, Shooters, RTS games to come in the future...)

If you wish to speak to me about further questions about the Ascending Dragon or if you would like to join please contact me in-game at Blackcat@Obsidiancat...

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