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# 1 The $m0k!n Noobs!
02-05-2010, 05:16 AM

Just announcing the formation of the $m0k!n Noobs! Fleet.

We are primarily a community based group who gather together and have a laugh on Day of Defeat Source, a World War 2 themed online shooter.

Our members ages range from 18 to 60, hail from all sides of the world and all of whom have a great sense of humour.

However there are a few of us now leaving behind the beaches of Normandy for brief excursions to outer space.

Sadly we only recruit $m0k!n members but your not out of luck yet.

Do you think Day of Defeat is Source is the best game out there?

Do you like being part of a varied and jovial gaming community?

Got a sense of humour?

Then the $m0k!n Noobs! may well be the place for you, by all means pay us a visit:

Should you need assistance, help or an ally in game then by all means get in touch.

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