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# 1 [Suggestion] Ship Familiarity
02-05-2010, 08:28 AM
As players of star trek online you may or may not be aware of the fast that the final three "Captain Skill" bestialities of each ship class don't stack. This makes sense, they are rather hefty abilities providing up to a +52 bonus that stacks with the +18 of Starship Captain and +30 of Ship class captain.

The problem is these abilities are conceived of a time when you could keep earning points ad infinitum, and investing points in these can weaken your character later on as you have points spent that are no longer being made use of.

This is my proposal to alleviate this.

"Starship Captain Skill" Functions as normal giving you up to a +18 bonus.

The remaining skills remain but their function is changed slightly that I will explain in a minute.

Under this proposed system as you fly and are engaged in combat you gain both class familiarity up to +30 in the class of the ship you are flying, and in and after tier 3 up to +52 points in specific ship familiarity.
This should be a fairly slow process but allow you to build up the same levels of bonus that are currently available in a similar amount of time.
This means that gaining familiarity for the higher ships will be a slower process.

If a player chooses to change ship within a class, say moving from a tier 3 cruiser to a tier 4 you slowly lose the tier 3 familiarity at the same rate you gain the tier 4.
If you decide to change ship class entirely you lose their class familiarity bonus as well.

The class captain and specific ship captain abilities are changed to represent formal training and raise you base familiarity with a specific ship of a class.

For an example if I fly heavy cruisers and wish to switch to heavy escorts.
I start at the +18 bonus I have from starship captain and slowly gain familiarity with both escorts in general and heavy escorts up to the total bonus of +100
Now say I switch back to Heavy cruisers as I have been flying my escort my cruiser and heavy cruiser familiarities have dropped off towards zero However lets say I have 5 points in cruiser captain and four in heavy cruiser captain.
This would mean that my minimum for cruiser familiarity is +24 and for heavy cruiser familiarity is +30 meaning I start gaining at these increased levels and so level back up to full +100 quicker

There would still be a small amount of escort familiarity left at this point as it doesn't change the rate that it drops off, but it would continue to drop off even though cruiser is maxed.

There will still be the temptation to save points for the higher ship classes but spending points early won't quite have the possibly disastrous effects that it does now. Basically you spend skills on ships you like and it makes it easier to change back to them after experimenting with other ships.

Plese post feedback, Ideas and Suggestions for improvement, as I am well aware it's not a perfect solution.

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