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# 1 T4 Vorcha BlueDeath build
02-05-2010, 04:14 PM
Lately, i'm getting top damage in scenarios using tactical/cruiser setup.
My build consists of: Main damage Tetryon 5% Chance To Deal 10% Extra Shield Damage.
Weapon #: 7 weapon slots 4 fore, 3 aft.
Tetryon beam array(front 250 degree) for beam overload, one is enough for that large burst damage.
Tetryon cannon x2 (front 180 degree) for burst damage along with turrets can cause massive damage on shields.
Quantum Torpedo Launcher (front 90 degree) for large kinetic damage on hull.
Tetryon turret x3 (aft 360 degree) for continuous damage no matter where you are facing.

Ideal abilities are:
1.a.Beam Overload I (System: Beams): Powerful beam attack. b. Cannon: Rapid Fire I (System: Cannons): Quickly fires multiple cannon ships but each shot does less damage than a normal shot for your Tactical BO.

2.a.Engineering Team I (System: Crew): Repairs hull damage for yourself or an ally.
b.Reverse Shield Polarity I (System: Shields): Causes incoming energy damage to be converted into additional shield strength.
c.Directed Energy Modulation II(System: Weapon Modification): Increases shield penetration of your energy weapons. d.Eject Warp Plasma II (System: Warp Core): Ejects some warp plasma behind your ship which reveals cloaked ships and deals plasma damage to any ships in it for your highest ranking Engineer BO.

3.a.Emergency Power to Weapons I (System: Batteries): Temporarily increases power to selected subsystem. b. Extend Shields I (System: Shields): Regenerates shields of an ally and improves their damage resistance for your second Engineering BO.

4.a.Polarize Hull I (System: Hazard): Temporarily reduces energy damage taken and prevents tractor beams from affecting your ship. b. Hazard Emitters II (System: Hazard): Periodically removes fire and radiation hazards and repairs some hull damage over time for Science BO.

Get major consoles that are relevant to this build, the EPS Console is important cause this keep your damage stable. One should be efficient to do this.

Tactics: Remember to buff up and keep your weapon system up before engaging, the eps will keep your weapon systems around 70-90 energy during major weapon activity.

WIP will update it when I have more time, but this basically what I roll with in T4 and is very effective against feds.

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