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Greetings all.

As a startrek fan for all my life and a huge family I am very pleased that Cryptic could bring us a mmo after years and years of all of us fans waiting so long and begging our game manufacturers for a game like this. Thanks guys for the great game.

I know that you can't make every one happy all the time but I am just wondering about some of the Quality control. Oh sure every game has its flaws and needs patching when it starts off that is not what I am getting at. As a long time geek of startrek fandom I understand the idea behind making the Klingon empire a PVP based race.

I think Cryptic hit the nail on the head with that because lets face it. The klingons in startrek are about combat with eachother and with the foes. It just seams that the federation has a distinct advantage over the klingons in game play. Oh sure it is balanced enough in my opinion in pvp but I have been a fan of the klingon empire since I was a small boy. I have to say I think that the content for the klingon empire could have been a bit more.

To start the Klingons only have 4 or 5 sectors they can visit at all. So inorder to see the rest of the St universe we have to roll a federation character. There is alot of content and established startrek maps out there that are very helpfull in helping chart the space. One only need look at a previously released games and find content galor established in partnership with Startrek franchise to find that there is entire empire out there with star systems and content to aid in creating the maps. I played Startrek Klingon Academy and when playing such a game there was loads of content in there that teaches about what makes the klingons tick or even go and get a few DS9 and TNG episodes.

I wouldn't call my self a expert on the klingons but more like a huge fan and while i feel you got the pvp part down exactly I think that the game could use some "established startrek lore and content" adopted from other sources to make the klingon side of the game a bit more enjoyable.

It is all there names of starsystems planets.... It woujld be nice to see more systems added to the klingon Empire. to answer the call of the players that like to play PVE and still want to play a klingon.... well pvp is a fact of life in a RP game when you play as the klingon empire. With all the duels these warriors get into..... yah stop crying about the pvp aspect. Still there is some Pve missions that could be added into the game. For instance one of the many worlds that was long ago conquered by the Empire could rise up against the empire in open rebellion, or mayby it could be a couple of them alowing multiple systems to battle pve in so that way diffrent lvl people could be working on the quest.

And lets face it even klingons have to go on science missions ocasionaly. Sure it is a "undersirable mission assignment." but missions like that have brought advancment in klingon military technolodgy.

Lastly i would like to see DS9 become a neutral space station where the klingons have to restrain themselves from killing the federation. After all it is a cardasian space station under bajoran control. I gues I would like to see a little bit more PVE though I love that the klingons are more PVP and it should stay heavily emphasized towards pvp it would be nice to get a break and be able to go and explore once a while or go on a scouting mission in my Bop to scout outlying federation colonies. Open up other systems to us so we can see the universe too.... especialy if it is not federation systems and is supposed to be neutral ground like Cardassian occupied territory or romulan.

After the dominionn war there has got to be post war hostilities between the jem hidar and the feds, romulans, and klingons. Cardasia perhaps should look like the berlin did in the cold war. Some fed controlled worlds and some Klingon controlled ones and the klings and the feds could be fighting over the old romulan held worlds because of the collapse of the Romulan empire. There is a huge amount of pocibilites that exist with this game and that is your greatest strength Cryptic.

After years of waiting and hoping for a game like this where I could play as my favorite startrek race since startrek klingon academy. Bring in some pve but not alot after all lets face it.... it is the klingon empire. Lastly I would just like to say to you Cryptic please draw upon the klingon fans out here to help put content in that would make the game more enjoyable or watch a bit more of the klingon heavy DS9 or TNG episodes. I know that you guys did while developing this game but I just wish you had a .... well a klingon on the designer team that could have helped in the writing the missions part. I am sure there are plenty of us klingon fans that would love to work for cryptic to help paid or not.

I am so happy to be finaly able to play a Startrek role playing game that didn't have to be played on paper. Perhaps in the future we can hope to see more but for now I gues I will take what I can.

one of the people who pretends to be a klingon at the conventions
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02-07-2010, 04:36 AM
Originally Posted by Satoth
After all it is a cardasian space station under bajoran control.
you sound like gul dukat .
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02-07-2010, 04:40 AM
Thanks alot lol..... I don't think I have ever been so insulted in my life..... calling me a whinning federation buricrat would have perhaps been less insulting lmao..... welll perhaps you are right. I can be a bit long winded but It is rare that i will open my mouth and post on these things or in real life as I hate social interaction so I gues it is only natural that when i do it is long. Sorry about that.

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