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# 1 Unable to log in?
02-07-2010, 09:35 AM
First let me say, I'm sure I've done something wrong. But I can no longer log into the game, a problem with the activation key code.
I did the preorder thing, wanted to get into the beta game, but could never quite figure out why I couldn't, for one thing I was a little late doing so. For another, I often do not really know what i'm doing when it comes to computers. Any way, in trying to get into the beta, I used my activation key code, thinking this was the number they were asking for at that time. Doing this apparently caused the number to be flagged as a used key code, and now I can not use it again, and I can't log into the game now. After paying almost $65.00 I was able to play during this grace period, what was that? ten days or so? I need another activation key code, or someone that cares to help me get back into the game.
Someone please help me, I didn't mean to do anything wrong, I love the game and would like to stay, but I do not, or didn't want to just through away $65.00 for only ten days of game play.

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