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# 1 Season 9 Settings
04-22-2014, 10:41 AM
Does anyone know what graphics/display settings are safe to use? The ones they gave me as a default seem to blackscreen/crash.
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# 2
04-22-2014, 10:42 AM
well, I'd love to be able to access my settings to adjust it, but since it crashes before options...
Take this game far too seriously for my liking roleplayers. You agree, do not, hmm? Yes, hmmm.
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# 3
04-22-2014, 11:07 AM
Before Season 9 I had to use medium settings, otherwise my Mac would crash. Now I have to use low.

I understand that having a workstation card wont perform as well as a gaming card, but considering I have a D700 (a reworked AMD W9000) with 6GB of RAM I would expect more.

Why would I expect more? Because when I play Elder Scrolls Online I'm able to push every setting to its highest and still maintain a minimum of 60 frames per second.

That leads me to conclude that the Mac port is SHODDY. Very POOR. SUBSTANDARD.
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# 4
04-22-2014, 11:13 AM
Even on the absolute lowest settings the game crashes enough to be unplayable.
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# 5
04-22-2014, 12:54 PM
I still have the flicker on the graphics .. S9 did not change this for me.
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# 6
04-22-2014, 12:55 PM
I have always had mine to lowest settings...getting crash error 30191178 now. I set it to safe mode and still get crash, can't get in at all, been trying for 2 hours.

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