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# 1 Looking for a Fleet to join
02-07-2010, 05:27 PM
About myself:

I am currently running around with a Sci/Sci toon and ship and currently leveling casually (Lt com 4, atm) and having fun figuring out the mechanics and different aspects of the game. I am currently a collage student and live on the east coast of the US. My play time is a little erratic at this time, but i am available most evenings and weekends, sometimes able to play during the day time pending on the workload i receive from my classes.

I have a lot of experience with MMOs. And currently still have some EvE Online accounts, though i must admit that my free time has been focused more on ST:O then EvE at this point.

What I'm looking for:

I am looking to join a fleet that will participate in both PvP and PvE. The fleet doesn't have to be a bleeding edge progression fleet but one that sets the time aside to work on the "end game" content. And groups for pvp pewpew. Not really interested in RPing. A mature group. Use Vent/TS. Other then that just want to find a fun bunch to learn and explore ST:O with.

Editted: spelling error and adding Vent/TS use.
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# 2
02-07-2010, 05:27 PM
I'm looking to start a new fleet.

You don't have to sign up on my web site to join the fleet , eather catch me in game or catch me here.

A Federation fleet founded by Dustan on February 6, 2010.

I'm a World of Warcrft Vet., But also a Star trek fan first and formost.

If your looking to just have some fun and Kiick a little ass. This could be the guild for you .

We invite anyone to join our fleet as long as they can commit to being a solid fleet member that seeks to improve our fleet.

Room for advancement in the fleet.

Hope to see you soon. For the Good of the Fleet


Fleet Name: Geneisis Fleet
Fleet's website:
Affiliation: Federation
TimeZone: Central (GMT-6)
Gameplay: End Game, Raid, Fleet Comand
Contact(s): (IN Game dustan@blackdragon3709) ( out of game
Voice Server: Ventrilo Server ( soon to be up )
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# 3
02-07-2010, 06:22 PM
Hey Clenzo!!
I'm Xone from Fleet 187.
We are looking for mature(preferably +18) casual players. We are looking for gamers/trekies to join our fleet. We like to have organized and mature fun. We look for dedicated and fun-loving players. So if you are looking to join a mature, fun, organized, and large fleet. Fleet 187 is the fleet for you.You can register here then fill out an application here.Thanks

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