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# 1 Dreaming of the Borg
02-08-2010, 03:19 PM
So I had the Oddest dream last night. I was at my father's house and a Borg Cube decended from the sky. All televisions and radios (and cellphones of all things) piped up with the "We are the Borg. Life as you know it is over. You will be assimilated, and adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."

Chaos ensued for a little bit as me and my father were running around voiding drone patrols. Then, a B-1 flew by (under the cube) and launched 2 MOABs into the side of the cube (I know..those are was a dream). It didn't destroy it but it crashed into the Las Vegas strip (...I live its usually where my dreams are too).

So like any idiot..I had to go investigate after almost getting pancaked by the cube as it flopped a few times. The cube was so damaged that people were getting only half assimilated. There was this cute girl on a skateboard that had red electricity messing with her from the nanites malfunctioning (or something maybe more Heroes related...I hate dreams). So I started looking around part of the wreckage of the cube and she tried to assimilate me.

I grabbed the Nano tube injector tenticles (of doom!) and was trying to keep them from inserting into my hand (in that sensitive part between the index and the thumb!), and she started begging me to join the collective and help her organize the hive before the spread everywhere. I caved for the cute girl on the Skateboard.

From there the dream gets a little bizarre with hearing the collective of the Cube but being free-willed. And then trying to stop the government frop nuking Las Vegas.

Just thought I would share the interesting dream this game inspired. Thank you.

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