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# 1 Raptor vs BOP
02-09-2010, 04:51 AM
Hi all,
Just wanted to get some thoughts and opinions here. I am tier 2 and have both a raptor and a BOP tier 2 (yes I bought the BOP with hard earned creds). I wanted to test both out side by side so to speak and see what I thought.
My observation is this: It seems the BOP is highly superior to that of the Raptor at Tier 2

The Raptor can take more of a beating.
The Raptor has more BO's
The Raptor hasmore energy and can mount more DPS.

So why does it seem to be the BOP is better?

The BOP has an awesome Turn Rate
The BOP has Battle Cloak

Still seems one sided?

Well the Battle cloak allows for escape in a variety of situations and then repair or swing back at the right moment and hammer again the moment the fed has sighted another target. This equals survivability, and it equals a LOT of survivability.
The Turn rate does the rest. While the BOP might not have quite the sheer DPS of the Raptor, the BOP's turn rate means the enemy is pretty much ALWAYS in its arc of fire. The same cannons are now firing more frequently (pretty much all the time) which equates of course to MORE damage done.
The awesome turn rate means I was fairly easily getting OUT of my enemys foreward arc and their cannons were firing LESS frequently (against the escorts of course)
I was playing in PvP C&H KvF with both ships. While once I unlcloaked at close range with my raptor and sure I was pounding for a few seconds, if the prey got out of my arc I had a hard time getting him back while all his feddy pals started hammering, and no battle cloak to go OH CRAP, ESCAPE ESCAPE ESCAPE! So once I started to get targeted I was pretty much done as I had no escape mechanism like the BOP.
With the BOP I could uncloak, fire fire fire fire fire fire.....more fire...some more fire on top of that, ie my enemy couldnt escape my arcs and so was getting hammered NON STOP by my heavy cannon, and if I started to get targetted too much, BAM cloak on out and come back and get some more.
Now yes I am talking about evasive, engine battery, full speed, cloak.

In my raptor I killed a few, did decent damage on the score boards, and died fairly often not that I mind, its what its all about.
In my BOP I killed TONS of feddys, did ENORMOUS Damage on the charts and died almost NEVER.

So its with this that I am thinking while I love the look of my Raptor, I am really thinking the only way to go tier 2 anyway, is the BOP.

Am I missing something here, doing something wrong or am I inadvertantly a natural BOP commander and a horrible Raptor commander LOL!

Thoughts/Advice please
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02-09-2010, 05:19 AM
At T2 the Raptor is the "tank" ship of the Klingons - but only if actually supported by BoPs. The BoP can do roughly the same damage OR can be a great healer OR can be a good debuffer. The Raptor's role is to do damage and that's it (BO Slot wise).

A good T2 team consists of 1-2 Raptors supported by 1-2 BoPs and 1 BoP as a DPS-Support. Without support skills the Raptor is fresh meat, but without Raptors in the team the Klingon side has a bigger disadvantage at T2.

A Raptor lacking Battle Cloak is a good tihng - it means it HAS to stay in the fight and win in order to survive. A BoP doesn't really rely on defensive or support skills at T2 because it can simply bolt and cloak. That is a mistake unless facing certain death, as it leaves the Raptor Captains all alone in the mid of the fed ball. A good BoP Captain will use Battle Cloak to escape focus fire and then quickly come back to the fight in order to support the Raptors.
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# 3
02-09-2010, 05:40 AM
At tier4 the raptor gets an additional forward-weapon-slot compared to the BoP, at tier5 he has 1 rear weapon slot more.
Raptor has 1 more tactical-ensign-skill (this starts getting value at tier4 where you have to start using a beam too)

I would say think out a BO-constellation you want to fly with, if it involves two tactical officers take the raptor. Else the BoP is the way to go. If you have trouble surviving/escaping give your eng BO emg. Power to engines and combine it with evasive maneuvers, and reverse shield polarity.

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