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Cryptic, since it seems we can only train bridge officers in skills that are related to our captain profession(tac,sci,eng) can we please get a system where we can train a bridge officer with a level iii skill(one of the ones you get access to as a captain) then trade them(if this can be done i apologize but i haven't been able to figure it out). I think this would create more of a reason for trading bridge officers on the exchange and would make bridge officers something closer to the crafting system you claim they are since we now will be able to trade the officer with the skill set we created.

EDIT: to help prevent this from making everyone overpowered

Make training a BO in a level iii skill cost BO skill points, maybe an amount equal to the skill point requirement to fully level a commander level BO skill. This should help to prevent everyone from haveing the ultimate bridge officer, they would just be to expensive.

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