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Nobody (that I know) is having fun doing this race. Give us alternatives to earn Tags.
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06-11-2014, 05:02 AM
I am, beats doing the dance for favors.

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06-11-2014, 06:01 AM
Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
Nobody (that I know) is having fun doing this race. Give us alternatives to earn Tags.
Simple answer - do like eggs and allow us to trade for them with favors
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06-11-2014, 06:15 AM
Aside from the obvious that i like that damn race when I win, I kinda enjoy it when not in a crowded instance (more than half a dozen racers has been having adverse effects on some rocks and ramps rendering and leading to me crashing without seeing a reason) and when racing on a superior board (which is a rip off nonetheless).

I like the winter PvP race (without all the jumping, mind you, I never learned that trick) because it doesn't require any investments. Here for a chance to win, you need to shell out 1k Favors. Which was flawed design, honestly. To top that off, the on track boosts are very inconsistent: sometimes boosting the leader, sometimes the one catching up, sometimes both.

Therefore an alternative to get tags would be welcome.
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06-11-2014, 10:25 PM
Originally Posted by burstorion View Post
Simple answer - do like eggs and allow us to trade for them with favors
Honestly, since Cryptic f'd up the egg drop rate, if you have to turn to shelling out 150 favors a day (3 hunts' worth a day) you'd arguable be better off spending 1000 favors for the G-damn board! 1000 favors will get you 6 days of eggs. Winning 3 board races will get you 6 days of tags!

Of course, as more buy the superboards, your chances to win go down so winning might get to be a pain in the arse too. Especially when you add in the retarded 'grab the flag' mechanic.

Overall, the board races was poorly thought out. More expensive boards should have just been cosmetic differences. There would have been almost as many people who'd buy the pretty boards just cause they were pretty.
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06-12-2014, 03:43 AM
I have fun doing the race though once when I made one tiny mistake and lost by a length the player that won replied "suck that klingon!". Hardly a good sportsman but congratulated him with a backhanded compliment. Other than that generally it's all been fair play and if I don't get enough tags I run again later. It's fair to say that players without superiors do get screwed and something needs sorting out either fixed speed, boards or different times for different boards.
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06-12-2014, 11:29 AM
I've been enjoying the race, I usually win which helps I admit. Even saying that, I strongly support an alternative. The boards are fun to play around with, and more to do with them is always welcome.
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06-12-2014, 10:00 PM
Yes, the race is fun if you aren't concerned about placing. But it's those tags that are why people are so frustrated and not enjoying the race, because they are focused on those tags so they can raise monkeys and turn them into Marks.

If Cryptic added an alternative, then those who suck at grabbing flags can say "I earned 2 tags, but I can go do X and get those last 4".

But it's obvious Cryptic just doesn't care about this issue.

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