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# 1 PVP needs
02-13-2010, 10:25 PM
pvp needs some serious work... its not that fun... and bash yourself with a hammer frustrating at times..

the best maps ... the objective ones.. mindless charge and shoot maps get very boring very fast... but.. they are fun at times when you don't have much time but wanna get a few kills/deaths in lol (pvp missions )

perma holds and holds in general.... rifle but.... 50% hold? 2 seconds... wow in a fight that lasts 3 seconds max and can be spammed over and over faster than even a bat'leth strike... and its 50% !!! 2 spammed hits and by the odds your dead ( cause no one carries anything other than an exploit weapon )

any hold in the game should be 1-1.5 seconds fights just don't last long enough on the ground to have 2-5 seconds holds i've been spam held an entire 40 kill match several times in OB and normal live pvp... its not alot of fun just being spam help and not even killed....

on the topic of kills... needs to be dropped down a few notches... 40 is too many 15 was really too little for what we had available... i would say 20-25 kills for normal cival war style pvp ( charge die rinse and repeat)

maybe 30 kills if we get some ground objective maps... cap and hold cap the flag... base defense type stuff...

do a recheck on the abilities too... sure footed is definatly not 40% resist roots and knockdowns ( not positive on the knockdown resist but ) seesm like i get rooted even more and i think i gotta take the cusion out of my BOP to put on my arse since i'm landing on it so often lol

stuns and exposes.... its like a death sentence... those two shouldn't be able to be on you at once.. if you get exposed you should be able to dive away ... give yourself at least a chance ( not that that mechanic even remotely works ) just standing around.... waiting to die = no fun

all i would really like to see changed is the holds and stuns... everything else will come in time ( would like new maps too but not being too picky ) the rifle but should not be spammable at all your rifle is not a melee weapon put a cooldown on it drop the % back down to the original 5% its meant to knock people back and get them off you ... not the i win button its being used for.. if you wanna get all "canon" on it... watch nemisis 3-4 whacks with a "modern" rifle and the joker broke...

and add some freakin melee weapons lol make melee useful for somthing other than making sure you get your good day to die mission done faster :/
Lt. Commander
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# 2
02-13-2010, 11:30 PM

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