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# 1 How to deal with gold spammers
02-15-2010, 01:49 PM
Show no mercy.
These companies are small networks that make a living off of scraping the sea bed of gamers in the hopes of finding that one player willing to break the EULA and subscribe to their methods of advancement. I won't go into the idea these companies compromise video game economies but sufficed to say there are methods for dealing with them that don't include pulling out your hair.

Most work, some don't...and that's why you must show no mercy. Make no distinction between the company that claims to be "honorable" and those that claim to just want to survive. They are still your enemy.

Recently I've been getting alot of spam from a company called IGNMIN. I'm sure many others have. Being a student of law I had to concede that maybe these people don't know what lengths some of us crazy north americans are willing to go, to snuff them out.

So I contacted the company at their complaints form.
If you are harassed as well, I urge you to contact them, HOWEVER do NOT include details such as a legitimate email address or contact information. These are sales companies.
Even if they can't sell you something, they can sell your information to someone.

In 2007 a class action lawsuit was filed against IGNMIN Gold for their activities in World of ********, by WoW players, however the claim was dismissed because the players of course hold no duty of care in the well-being of the video game. Blizzard failed to pick up the ball and join the suit.

We as players do not need to file a class action lawsuit for harassment. If this company contacts you directly and after warning fails to cease their policy of spreading unsolicited mails and messages, simply file a complaint with one of their website's service provider

This is by no means an immediate solution as this company appears to go to length to avoid pin pointing their place of origin, but it's a start and at the very least may serve to send a message.

You don't have to do anything illegal.
You don't have to care. You can just report spam and let the GameMasters deal with it if that's your, I'm not that kind of person. I want this problem solved. Not postponed.

After an IP scan of the website:

Whois information

RAbuseHandle: ABUSE1025-ARIN
RAbuseName: Abuse
RAbusePhone: +1-214-442-0605

The more limbs we cut off of this chimera the less likely they'll want to be here.

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