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# 1 Space vs Ground skills
02-18-2010, 07:24 PM
With limited skill points (which I am in favor of, btw), skill choices have the potential to have meaningful impact on the character's abilities. This is good

Right now, we basically have to choose between ground or space abilities. This does not affect the play style, rather, this limits our ability to fully participate in all of the game's content.

Granted, of course my captain (whose skills are almost exclusively in space-related abilities) can queue up for a ground PvP instance, but she is going to be at a severe disadvantage, so I might as well stick to space

So there are three options. 1: accept being totally gimp on the ground, or 2: spread the points out so that neither ground nor space gets the skills that another player who chose option (1) will have, or 3: roll a completely separate character in order to focus on ground content. None of these is appealing. Meaningful, impactful choices between options inside each category make sense. Choosing between ground and space content does not.

So I ask you this, Cryptic Devs: what's so bad about separating out the ground and space skills?

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