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OK, there's tons of controls in the interface that MUST be added to the optional hotkey list.

For the last three WEEKS I've been asking the simple question: What's the slash command that is the equivalent of clicking on the bridge officer waypoint setting buttons...and apparently there isn't a person in the entire universe with wit enough to find the answer. I've literally tried hundreds of variations of the /GenButtonClick and /PetCommand slash commands with no luck.'s a list of buttons in the interface that NEED a place in the default hotkey list.

Bridge officer waypoint sets
Bridge officer waypoint clears
Bridge officer aggressive mode
Bridge officer passive/buff mode
All power level presets
using slots on the various actionbars (all 10 of them, not just the first 3)
The option to show all 10 actionbar columns and have your bridge officer bar up at the same time.
The option to have your actionbars save their information by which action is there, instead of alphabetical order in the "P" list.

I'll add more soon.

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