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# 1 PVE Ground Combat Enhancements
02-23-2010, 09:34 AM
Just wanted to post some enhancements to make PVE ground combat more challenging (Sorry, if this is posted elsewhere. I will delete if it is.):

1. The whole attacking a group of Klingons in the hall while another group of Klingons a little further down the hall ignoring the battle going on is a little bit...what's the word...cheesy. Have them join in on the fight or put them out of line of sight.

2. Have alarm stations along the way that one of the goons tries to go for to call in reinforcements. This would at the very least give us a challenge in trying to stop them before they hit the panic button.

3. Create ambushes. Surely there has to be technology that some of these races can use to mask their life sign signatures. Would be a nice challenge to be walking along and all of a sudden get blasted from the side for flanking damage.

4. Maybe this is just my experience, but when you get held in a Stasis field, why does the enemy stop attacking? Seems pointless.

5. Set booby traps. Hidden mine fields...line with Plasma Grenade attached...Stasis field generator that traps you until the enemy comes...

It's a short list, but the ground combat as well as the space combat which is in another thread need to be more challenging.

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