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# 1 Escorts and Survivability
02-24-2010, 10:01 AM
OK, so... last night my buddy and me were flying our escorts (akira) on a mission in Romulan space. We encounter a group of like 4 or 5 warbirds. They peeled our shields off like we were onions and then blasted us into oblivion within the space of about fifteen seconds.

We're keeping our equipment fairly up-to-date, we've gotten to Commander without any trouble, we held our own in PvP on both the ground and in space. Maybe we're not the best players ever but we're pretty good. So what happened crossing the Commander threshold that makes the Escort class ships die, die, and die again?

As I said before, we used to hold our own in PvP, claimed many victories or at least made the Klingons work for their win. Now in PvP lately it's not uncommon for us to be blanked in score and the lowest scoring Klingon damage to be greater than the combined total of everyone on the Fed side.

So, what happend, I ask? Where did we lose our way?

I can provide any relevant information if you need it.
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# 2
02-24-2010, 10:17 AM
"four or five warbirds" be it mogai or drrdex never spawns in a mission with only two players. That means there was either more people in your party who weren't doing anything, or more players in the same instance who weren't doing anything.

That being said if you're two escorts you should've at least killed 2 of the enemy ships before dieing.
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# 3
02-24-2010, 10:27 AM
Hit...and .....RUN
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# 4
02-24-2010, 11:21 AM
Support abilities. An eng team, or science team at the right time can make all the difference between life and death. Specially if you play with a friend all the time. 2 ships, even escorts, with support abilities should be unkillable in PVE. Science team gets rid of the viral matrix which is probably the greatest problem.

Also, worried about plasma torps? no problem, equip a turret and change target when they come, or have handly a repulsor beam ability.

Also, use the brace for impact ability more often. If you see a photon torpedo volley coming your way, use it. It does not matter if you are full shields or not, just use it.

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