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The biggest problem with the CE FA is the clueless (who don't learn no matter how many times the clues are handed to them) and the griefers (who fly in to die just to annoy everyone else). The real problem here is not that these players are present in the Fleet Action ... the problem is that they cannot be ejected from it.

Simple Solution:

When your ship is destroyed during the Crystaline Entity Fleet Action, the Respawn Timer tells you ... in advance ... that your ship will be respawned at Starbase 39. And when you respawn, you are indeed in orbit around Starbase 39 just as if you had Beamed Up To Ship from inside the station.

Net Effect: Culling the stupid/obnoxious.

Anyone who "allows" their ship to be destroyed (and thus almost certainly "feeding" the Crystaline Entity) gets ejected from the Fleet Action to destroy the Entity. They can always return to the Fleet Action ... by warping out from Starbase 39 to Sector Space, navigating Sector Space back to the Deep Space Encounter with the Entity, entering the Fleet Action and returning to the battle ... but it'll take a lot more EFFORT on the part of people who "sacrificed themselves and their crew" to FEED the Entity. Enough "effort" (I would hope) to encourage them to LEARN how to fight the Entity and not just suicide into it repeatedly (because there is no Death Penalty).

Anyone who "stays alive and fighting" of course gets to stay in the Fleet Action until the Entity is defeated.
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03-01-2010, 07:45 AM
Wow, that is quite possibly the stupidest idea I have ever heard.
In the instance where someone is a decent player, and has been contributing decently to the FA quite well, they die near the end of the FA. They're back at Starbase 39, but now they don't have credit for the kill, nor do they have any loot if they did well in the rankings.

Sure, you're way would discourage greifers. But it would discourage honest playes a whole lot more. If I was a griefer, I'd be like "Eh, oh well. Fun over, back to levelling." if I was a honest player, doing my best and doing well, only to be punished at the end, I'd be ****ing raging.

Recap: You're an idiot. Thank's for playing.
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03-01-2010, 08:05 AM
I'd rather if they made it a private instance, requiring a group of 5 (or whatever) to enter.
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03-01-2010, 03:27 PM
The griefing in CE FA is pretty bad, I was in there for over an hour this weekend and the instance group I was in had it down to 20%. Griefer shows up, mines it, and it went back up to 70%. Party requirements or some kind of group kick feature would be nice since the griefers tend not to die...
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03-01-2010, 03:52 PM
Part of the griefing problem is that shards are "able" to leech healing off mines. Considering how "flimsy" mines are to incoming damage ... and the fact that the crystal shards may be perfectly capable of "impacting" on the mines before the mines can explode to do damage to the shards ... this effectively makes mines into the ideal griefing weapon.

The most obvious "fix" for the mines vs shards issue is to simply make mines "immune" to shard damage ... thereby allowing their own self-destructive nature to take precedence. Another possiblity is to adjust the amount of healing to the CE when crystals impact on mines to be only 1% of what the healing would be if the crystal shard impacted on a ship.

As matters stand, Mine Launchers are worse than a wasted weapon slot during the Fleet Action ... since mines actively give aid and comfort to the enemy (thus making them the griefer weapon of choice!).
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03-01-2010, 06:15 PM
jesus crist no vote kick, new form of greivig, you can be doing good then booted right before the end.

I've killed it a bunch, its easy.

Warp in, got to map. make sure there's at least 15 players, if not CHANGE INSTANSE

give it 5 to six minutes, if there is no progress made, SWITCH INSTANCE

griefer shows up, SWITCH INSTANCE.

Don't change to entity at all its fine the way it is.

Rarely takes me over 30 minutes to kill using the stragety I outlinned.

Sure i've had bad days and it couldn't be killed. Leads to my next rule.

If in the event you have to change instances 5 times (rare) try again later (do something else for an hour) or just try the next day.

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