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Mission: Planet Lambda Xi X Defense (Afehirr Nebula star cluster)

Noticed my BO's were disappearing from my location. My team list showed them 100m away from me yet when I go to their location they are not visible. They also sometimes get killed somehow when they disappear.

I beamed up and down several times to recreate and verify this. I gathered these coordinates where they disappear:

847, 647, 883 (near beam in)
854, 649, 882 (near beam in)

1157, 657, 947 (between bldgs)
1159, 657, 682 (between bldgs)

1378, 655, 681 (close to tent / bug report location)

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Lt. Commander
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03-05-2010, 10:28 PM
I just suffered the same Bug on my character's first try at 'Explore the Delta Volanis Cluster' with a random assist mission... Approach a group of Klingons in the open, lay a row of mines and start Blasting. Klingons rush up and... Hey! where is everybody?!?!...

Respawn. Everyone is present... Start approaching the buildihng cluster.... Pause to count heads, and only 2 BOs present. Retrace my path in case they were caught on a rock, look around... Only 1 BO present... (This is where I decided this mission wasn't worth the trouble...)

And at the time, the BO's status was all showing they were all fine....

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