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When you look through the BO's for sale from the NPC at Earth Space there is an Andorian Female Science.

She is listed as having Scramble Sensors I as the Lieut Space ability.

When you buy her and she is in your Candidates list, if you mouse over the officer the skill shows the same.

But if you go to train this skill from her to a BO, the Lieut Space ability is listed as Jam Targeting Sensors I, which is an Ensign ability.

However in the mouse over tooltip, the title is Jam Targeting Sensors I, but the text is Scramble Sensors I.

So when you do train the skill, the confirmation box again has JTS I and it goes across as JTS I.

So now I have a Science BO with JTS I (which is an ensign skill) as a Lieut skill.

Keeping up?


Now, the tooltip for the trained skill while having the wrong title has still got the SS I text.

The ability the BO gets although named wrong is actually the right one in the skills.

So is this across the board with this rank skill or just from that bought BO?

My first character was a science officer and I never noticed this all the way to RA5.

Edit, I do have a couple of BO's on my RA5 with the proper Lieut Jam Skill, and it is named Jam Sensors II not Jam Targeting Sensors, was there a name change and this rank was not changed or is it just from that bought BO.

I don't have any others with the Lieut rank Scramble though.

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