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If you look at this screenshot here,, you will see that the difference between the blue shield you get from regular pvp or you could buy from the exchange (cheapest one right now is 690k) is only of 11 shield regen compared to the Omega Fleet purple shield.

Is this seriously supposed to be like this, or something got overlooked when they put that shield in the Omega Fleet? I mean come on, it's easier to get that blue then that purple by a whole lot.

Also, the 10% bleedthrough is missing from both purple shields descriptions. If it wasn't supposed to be a bleedthrough, it's also a bug since the bleedthrough is there and you could check from your combat log.

And one last thing; if anyone thinking the Omega Fleet weapons/gear are the same as K7 like it was said in zone chat a few days ago, you're wrong. For example, the Dual Heavy Cannons from K7 have +2% crit change and +60 crit severity while the ones from the Omega Fleet have +2% crit chance, +20 crit severity and +10% accuracy.
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03-07-2010, 03:50 PM
The purple Mark X gear has slightly more regen then the blue Mark X gear. The total shields also seems to be the same though.
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03-07-2010, 04:04 PM
It's only got 11 shield regen on the blue one, and exactly the same shield capacity. I'd be fine with even like 6.8k HP, but exactly the same capacity and only 11 shield regen better than the one you can EASILY obtain from pvp or the exchange? Come on. It's 11 days of dailies for that purple, and I could get that blue one in 2 days just queuing up for pvp (or a day if it's popping often the queues), or simply buy it off the AH.
Also, they gotta put in that 10% bleedthrough in there to let people know there is a bleedthrough like every other Covariant shield.

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