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# 1 Danube Stat Bug
03-08-2010, 01:57 PM
So much like many other people, I am afflicted with the Danube Runabout Stat bug where all of my weapons and shields now report 1/2 of the stats that they should. It doesn't matter which ship I am flying, they are all hosed. And I am not entirely sure it's just a display error either as I have noticed some damage decrease. I have heard that discharging the shuttle will return the stats to normal, but then I am out 149k in credits.

Concerned about this, I submitted a ticket in game. To which I got the canned response version of "we know about it, they are working on it" Even though I clearly asked specific questions like:

"Is this just a display problem?" and "Can I get a Refund?"

No real answer to either. Later on I notice a serious reduction in the amount of Damage I was doing, so I submitted another ticket asking the questions:

"Does this affect actual game play?" as well as the above questions.

I got the exact same response back.

This kind of ****ed me off so I created a third ticket (when I just edited the other tickets they sat with no response for 2 days) and I was a little more blunt explaining that "If it's a known issue, and you know that it is causing a problem then can I get a refund for the Shuttle?"

The response back was "We are not granting any refunds in this situation. We would love to be able to give you an ETA for the fix of this issue but it is up to the developers and when they are able to fix it"

Ok, I get that. No problem. I know there are bugs and they need fixing, it happens in games all the time....

1: The Item, The Danube Runabout, is still available for purchase from DS9 which means that ANYONE who buys it will be affected and will only cause more tickets and more headaches.

2: How hard is it to Remove the Craft from my Inventory and refund 149k. It has no impact on the economy as I no longer have the item I now have the credits for, and it removes the stat issue.

What is the problem here?
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# 2 Similar issue
03-08-2010, 02:04 PM
I purchased and equipped a cruiser then decided to go back to my escort and my speed and maneuverability were reduced to that of the cruiser while in an escort so yes this does affect game play. For me it was resolved when I gained a new rank and new ship...

Edit: I have since read some other posts about this and they say that it only affects the display not the game play. At the time this happened to me a friend and I who was lower level than me proved it does affect game play. When I had the escort at normal full impulse (not flank) he could not keep up with me, then I switched to the cruiser we were even, then I switched the engines back to the escort and we were even again. With the impulse modifiers of the escort I should have been back up to my previous speed I wasn't.
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# 3
03-08-2010, 02:21 PM
I'm having the same problem. I'm a RA 5, full compliment of Antiproton X weapons and very rare items..

And now they're all ruined, all of my work on dailies and everything else is nullified because I decided to try out a Runabout?

Seriously, do something about this. Take the Runabouts out of the vendor, AT LEAST, and fix this stat issue for Christ's sake.

If my endgame play is ruined and I have to spend weeks doing more dailies to get back to normal, I'll probably quit, lol.
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# 4
03-09-2010, 11:52 AM
Yeah, and at RA 5 you aren't likely to up your Status and get a new ship any time soon. I just hit Captain and am a casual player so the same for me.

How hard is it to Refund and Remove the Ship?

And the odds that a dev will give a crap about this are......?
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# 5
03-10-2010, 10:32 AM
I just found this problem. My fleetmate (commander) and I (captain) were helping a Lt Cmdr with missions. We were too overpowered for it to be any fun, so he suggested we buy runabouts to make it more interesting. When we got through, I went to put my stuff back on my Galaxy class and it was all nerfed. A 4,800 shield is now 1,550. A Mk VIII tetryon array at 180dmg is now 56dmg. I have not tried any of the reset tricks yet, but I don't want to discharge a 143K ship either.
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# 6
03-20-2010, 01:20 AM
Just had this happen to me. What am I supposed to do? This is seriously affecting game play. .

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