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First, I would like to thank STO Team and cryptic for an amazing game. Grats to you all. Im very much enjoying this gemstone you have made.\

Next on a different note. Here are some suggestions as a long-term investor and gammer. I hope you like them.

Klingon empire are different from Federation klingon as we all know. In fact some might argue federation klingon are more civilized then a barbaric klingon. ((You are correct in this)) The empire does seem abit more Barbaric and savage
What i suggest we do is this. I suggest we add classes to the Klingon.
Science ((Klingon are not smart enough to have science people. ((nor are they federation to have that rank)
Tactical ((Klingons could be tactical. But are not part of federation for the rank. Swordmaster suits best))
Engineering ((Engineering could work for them. But a targ master would be cooler.((and better suited))

Mutation Officer -((Science version of klingon empire))
Sword Master - ((Tactical version of klingon empire))
Targ Master -((Engineering version of klingon empire))

Mutations officer: Deals with group buffs. And basically plays the same role as science officer
Space- RAMING SPEED skill: Invest points into this move.
((Move itself whenever a klingon is below 25% life he may click raming speed. Which makes him fly at MK-speed for 5 secs at which point his space craft explodes. Dealing major damage)) Massive aoe effect
SPACE: Good day to die: Fearless officer isent afraid of death. Buffs his allies and himself with a 15% damage reduction. ((Something like that))

SPACE&GROUND: While mutation officers deal damage 2% of it goes towards healing allies.AOE range
(( Generally make it so everytime these guys dish it out. Allies get healed by how much they beat down others)) ((Genetic enhancements and so fourth))

SwordMaster: Has an entire new skill tree to suit this one. Deals in being a honorable warrior with the sword. ((Can use guns-But better suited talent wise with sword))

GROUND: Bleeding out- Each time a klingon swings he deals 10 Physical bleeding damage on the target
GROUND:Harpoon- The Klingon Hurls his sword in a spear motion to boomerang an enemy.
GrOUND: Tunnel vision- The klingon looks to one target with intent to kill. He gains +15 Str to damage vs it 5% chance to expose.
Ground: Klingon Strong- Immune to hold and knockback effects for 5 secs. The klingon charges in a bloodfrenzy
GROUND:Admiral rank skill: While holding a sword: Anytime you attack you deal Plasma damage to targets while wielding a sword((Optional talent))
GROUND: Admiral rank skill: While holding a sword: Anytime you attack you deal radation damage to your target that gives a 10% chance to expose periodically))

SPACE:Raming speed: ((Should be a Kamakazie klingon Racial))
SPACE: Honor and glory (( while away from his allies. Gains a 10% bonus to damage))
The sword master wants all the honor and glory! ! !
SPACE: LoneWolf: Doesent like working with teams as he has trained to become one with a sword. He works best in space as a result solo also. Gains +10% speed while flying solo.

TARG MASTER: ((Im sure Cryptic could make this like the mastermind class from COV))

This targ could be called : Shield targ ((Something like that))
GROUND: Instead of Shield generators. Lets give them Targs. This pet will go foward and deal shield damage to enemies. ((Deals in destroying enemy shields)) ((Does very very low physical damage))

GROUND: Poison Targ: ((Instead of the phaser Turret)) lets give them targs that make players throw up. Periodally you hurl your breakfast on the floor. ((Throwing up)) ((has a pioson bite that deals very low damage but does make players get the debuff to throw up))

GrOUND: War Targ: Combat ready....Shot to ...wait.. Combat ready made to EAT!
((Instead of the drone. Gives these guys targs that go foward clawing and biting enemies. Dealing moderate damage))

SPACE:Raming speed
SPACE: Glory for the empire: While in range of other allies gains shield bonus

PVE Content::

Add more to Kahless expanse mission wise: Here are a few ideas
Ground missions:
Space missions:

Approach planet types:
Ground: Make colonist pay homage to the empire. Secure area and hold off from federation liberators beaming in to save them. ((This would give sort of a klingon vs Federation feel. Feds try to save you enslave))

Ground: Scan federation devices left behind.
Groundestroy peace negotations with planet colonist and federations
Ground:Enslave miners who refuse to give Klingon empire resources. Capture and hold until klingon empire arrives to enslave.

Space types:

Destroy the hidden federation devices
((next beam down to base and destroy all federations investing the area))

Raid the cargo ships: Destroy 5 cargo ships carrying goods to federation
((have it so one type you just destroy the cargo ships. The other you disable the ships and board them))

Attack the space station: Destroy 3 turrets gaurding the station. Then destroy the station itself.

Defeat all docking stations in the kahless expanse. ((Destroy all federation docking stations..

Defeat colonist who have revolted against the klingon empire. Defeat all space rebels.

Thank you for your time. These are just some suggestions from one man. However, Your hand and hard working team is the final say on this. Anybody that has more suggestions to add to this. Please feel free.

Thanks again, @Ripbloodscalp
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03-11-2010, 10:46 AM
Let klingons make craftable poisons and diseases for their science officers. Like a combat medic in Swg. Occasionally have high level stuff drop the ingredients.

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