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# 1 Crystalline Entity mission
03-14-2010, 05:06 PM
Could someone shed some light on this mission? I am getting contradictory orders from just about everyone in the mission:

Use torps

No torps beams only

all fragments heal the entity

only small fragments and fragments that hit you heal it

shoot the fragments

Don't shoot the fragments

only shoot small fragments b4 they get back to entity and regular fragments on your tail

set power to speed and stay ahead of the fragments

stop dead and use mines to destroy fragments that get too close


All I know is it seems to be my experience that if you sit in one spot surrounded by mines and lob torpedos at the entity I had almost no fragments target me. what ended up was all the ppl circling around had a string of fragments on their tail and they would all lock on me as the player passed by and I would take damage or die not even several loads of mines can take that many fragments out.

I got yelled at so I dumped my torps for beams and played ring around the entity and within minutes we must have had 50 or more fragments chasing everybody. It was so congested I could not even get to 10K range without bumping into them.

Also of note at roughly 35% the entity spouts large fragments. These will if shot or hit something break into at least 3 small fragments that make a B line back to the entity and heal it back to 50%+ in seconds. We never did get the entity below 30% too many people yelling stop this or do this not that and the entity would get back up to 100% in a few minutes and then people would get frustrated and leave the group making it impossible to complete.

So could we have a discussion or mission guide about just what works and doesn't work for this mission?

oh and I found this blog and it was his tactics I used that seemed to actually work:

plz fill me in if this guy is spouting BS or not

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# 2 How to do it.
03-14-2010, 05:34 PM
Wat ever you do dont use mines or destory the fragments large or small dont destroy them just out run them the fragments if destroyed will heal it. Sitting in one place with mines is noobish and doesnt work cause the mines target anything and will destroy the fragments even if their not coming for you. I was working on killing one for an hour before i quit cause everyone destroyed the fragments. Just out run the fragments and dont stop shooting.
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# 3 CE
03-14-2010, 05:57 PM
DO NOT USE MINES!!! I also stayed at the 9.9km range and no fragments targeted me, stay at that point and fire everything you have. Lastly do not target the fragments they do heal the CE if they do some how catch up and come toward you then put power to movement and speed away under no circumstance should they be destroyed. Good luck .
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# 4
03-15-2010, 05:49 AM
Everything you need to know about the CE is here:

Crystalline Entity FAQ

Read my post.
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# 5 Thanks
03-18-2010, 03:30 PM
Thanks for all the advice. Hopefully I can get in with a solid group that knows what they are doing. I'm only a CDR 2 so maybe I'll do my bit by hopping in a science vessel and scrambling the large shards since I can only train 3 weapons at time and at 9K the beam damage is insignificant unless I use duals or cannons and then you must face dead on and my cruiser turns like a stuck pig.

One thing I haven't seen; any preferred beam? I use plasma for the added burn but is the CE even susceptible? Also I hear the CE supposedly has no shields (even though I get the "target shields are down" message) then disruptors would seem to be the way to go since they do more hull dmg?

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