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While at home I do enjoy my 60 mbps down, I am stuck with a glorious 512 kbps down while I am out during the week for work.

I would appreciate it if you guys actually programmed it in to allow RESUME after downloading for 3 hours I lost connection and the launcher quit unexpectedly. I have to restart my download all over again. So as you can see my 3 hours of waiting around and trying to catch up on One Piece episodes, in which I could not do as well because of this craptastic internet connection here.

This pre-patch is taking forever to download and I don't intend to leave my laptop in my hotel room while waiting.

Lt. Commander
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01-29-2012, 11:16 AM
Ditto for initial game download. I know it's rare, but my computer did a hard reboot (even more rare for my machine) in the middle of the initial download for the game. This wouldn't be as frustrating if Pando didn't already recognize the files that already existed in my DL folder. My only options are to delete everything and start again from scratch, or to exit the installer. If it recognizes the files, it seems like it would be relatively easy to check their integrity and just skip them in the download.

I can imagine that your installer is probably optimized in a way that makes this kind of implementation difficult, but... really? Firstly, this is just a game so wasting a lot of time might mean the difference between me playing and not. Secondly, it would be really fantastic, and I would be entirely understanding if the installer treated me like a savvy user and just said something like "I'm sorry, I know this seems like it should be possible, but I'm just not able to resume this download."

I hope to see any of these in the future...

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