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  1. How much you have spent on Cryptic Points to date?
  2. How many Cryptic Points have you spent in game?
  3. What C-Store products have you purchased?
  4. What is your opinion on the C-Store Products you have purchased?
  5. What are your Suggestions for future C-Store Products?
  6. What do you think should, and should not be available in the C-Store for real money?
  7. What is your favourite suggestion in the OP from the feedback and why?
Provide suggestions in your posts for C-Store Products & I will post your feedback below.

Faction Colour Key:
  • Federation.
  • Romulan.
  • Klingon.
  • All Factions / Unknown.

The Community would like the following Suggested Products to be in the C-Store.

Titles (Multi Vote Here):
  • F - Chief.
  • F - Commodore.
  • F - Deputy Director.
  • F - Doctor.
  • F - Emissary.
  • F - Fleet Captain.
  • F - Klingon Rank Titles.

Playable Races (Multi Vote Here):

View post #468 (Click) for information on the 39 Playable Races available in the poll.

Uniforms (Multi Vote Here):
Off-Duty Clothing (Multi Vote Here):
  • F - Additional Bridge Officer Off-Duty Slots.
  • F - Additional Player Off-Duty Slots.
  • F - Fashion Accessories Pack (Featuring Various Glasses, Eye Patches, Jewellery, Earrings, Belts, etc).
  • F - Full Length Open Coat Pack.
  • F - Halloween Costume Pack.
  • F - Hawaiian Shirt Pack (Suggested by Alecto).
  • F - Kilt Pack.
  • F - Swimwear Pack.

Pets (Multi Vote Here):
  • F - Jackal Mastiff.
  • F - Kitten / Cat (Native to Earth).
  • F - Orion Slave Girl.
  • F - Puppy / Dog (Native to Earth).
  • F - Puppy / Dog (Native to Qo'noS).
  • F - Rabbit (Native to Earth).

Starship & Shuttlecraft (Multi Vote Here, some players would also like to see this artwork used):
Bridges (Multi Vote Here):
  • F - Ambassador Bridge Pack.
  • F - Constellation Bridge Pack.
  • F - Constitution Bridge Pack (Original, "The Cage" Episode Variant, Refit and the Alt Universe Bridges).
  • F - Excelsior Bridge Pack.
  • F - Miranda Bridge Pack (Canon).
  • F - Nebula Bridge Pack.
  • F - Nova Bridge Pack.
  • F - NX Bridge Pack.
  • F - Sovereign Bridge Pack.

Other (Multi Vote Here):
  • F - Additional Alien Character Creator Options Pack, featuring insect parts, multiple eyes, multiple arms and legs.
  • F - Allow players to choose TOS Skins for Weapons, Tricorders, etc over the Current Weapons, Tricorders etc.
  • F - Character Creation Options for various types of Ears, examples; Rabbit ears, Wolf ears.
  • F - Character Creation Options for various types of Tails, examples; Lizzard Tail, Wolf Tail.
  • F - Escape Pods & Windows Texture Pack.
  • F - Faction Defector (Option to Change Factions).
  • F - Fleet Skins (Unique Ship Configurations just for the Players own Fleet).
  • F - Gender Op (Option to Change Gender).
  • F - Genetic Alteration I (Option to Change Traits)
  • F - Genetic Alteration II (Option to Change Race).
  • F - Holodeck Program (Allows Purchase of Various Programs).
  • F - Individual ground Kits for the Tactical, Science and Engineering class that can be customized with powers that are available depending on the class specific Kit chosen (Suggested by Alecto).
  • F - ISS Mirror Universe Starship Registry.
  • F - Miror Univers Starship Customization Pattern Variants.
  • F - Miscellaneous Items Pack (Items to be Held by the Player, such as a Drinking Glass, Flowers, a Cane, etc).
  • F - Musical Instrument Pack (Items to be Held & Played by the Player).
  • F - Personal Weapon, Armour, and Kit Variety Skin Packs (Costume Packs).
  • F - Ship Refit, the Option to Upgrade Bridge Stations to allow for the use of higher tier abilities (This Option NEEDS to be purchasable via in game Merits as well as the C-Store).
  • F - Shuttlecraft Components Pack, allows the Player to Purchase Shuttlecraft Parts, which then allows the Player to Create, Customize and Fly their own shuttlecraft using a New Customization NPC, similar to how the Voyager Crew built the Delta Flyer, you could name the shuttle anything you like, Alpha Flyer perhaps for the Feds and the Klingons should also have the same options but with Klingon shuttlecraft components (Suggested by Alecto).
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  • Click here for information on How to Purchase Cryptic Points (CP).

  • If you have purchased a Captain Rename token, you can rename your Captain in the Character Selection screen.

  • Bridge Packs are available to use on any ship after purchase via the Ship Customization NPC within any Ship yard.

  • After you have purchased a Starship costume from the C-Store, it will become available to you via the Ship Customization NPC within any Ship yard.

  • After you have purchased a Starship from the C-Store, it will become available to your alternate characters for free via the Ship Yard (Source).

Products in the Cryptic Store (Click).

Value Bundle Packs:
  • Federation:
    • Enterprise (1215 CP)*
    • The Original Series (1400 CP)*

  • Klignon:

  • Federation / Klingon:
    • Playable:
      • Joined Trill (240 CP)

    • Bridge Officers / Security Officers:
      • Polytrinic Acid Horta (240 CP)
      • Eisilum Crystal Horta (240 CP)

  • Federation:
    • Playable:
      • Caitian (200 CP)
      • Ferengi (80 CP)
      • Klingon (240 CP)
      • Pakled (160 CP)
      • Rigelian (160 CP)
      • Tellarite (200 CP)

    • Bridge Officers:
      • Liberated Borg (240 CP)

  • Klingon:
    • Playable:

    • Bridge Officers:
      • Liberated Borg (240 CP)

  • Federation:
    • On-Duty:
      • Bajoran Militia (240 CP)
      • Command Tunic - 23rd Century (240 CP)*
      • Counselor Troi - 24th Century (240 CP)
      • Deep Space Nine - 24th Century (280 CP)
      • Dress Uniform - 23rd Century (240 CP)*
      • Enterprise - 22nd Century (240 CP)*
      • Enterprise Mirror Universe - 22nd Century (240 CP)*
      • Medical Uniform - 23rd Century (240 CP)*
      • The Open Jacket Pack - 24th / 25th Century (240 CP)
      • Section 31 - 24th Century (240 CP)
      • Seven of Nine - 24th Century (240 CP)
      • Starfleet Academy - 24th Century (240 CP)
      • The Original Series- 23rd Century (280 CP)
      • The Original Series Mirror Universe - 23rd Century (280 CP)
      • The Motion Picture - 23rd Century (240 CP)
      • The Next Generation - 24th Century (280 CP)
      • The Wrath of Khan - 23rd Century (FREE)
      • T'Pol - 22nd Century (240 CP)*

    • Off-Duty:
      • Formal Wear - 21st Century (280 CP)
      • Mercenary Wear - 25th Century (280 CP)

  • Klingon:
    • On-Duty:
      • Klingon Academy (240 CP)

  • Federation:
    • Cruisers:
      • Constitution-class - Cruiser (800 CP)
      • Excelsior-class - Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit (1,200 CP)
      • Galaxy-class - Exploration Cruiser Retrofit (1,200 CP)
      • Galaxy-X-class - Dreadnought Cruiser (2,000 CP)
      • Imperial-class - Assault Cruiser Costume (240 CP)
      • Nomad-class - Star Cruiser Costume (160 CP

    • Escorts:
      • Defiant-class - Tactical Escort Retrofit (1,200 CP)
      • Hephaestus-class - Advanced Escort Costume (160 CP)
      • Maelstrom-class - Fleet Escort Costume (160 CP)
      • NX-class - Light Escort (800 CP)*
      • Prometheus-class - Advanced Escort including MVAM console (1,200 CP)

    • Science Vessels:
      • Comet-class - Reconnaissance Science Vessel Costume (160 CP)
      • D'Kyr-class - Vulcan Science Vessel and Vulcan Tal'Kyr-class Support Craft (1,200 CP)
      • Intrepid-class - Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit (1,200 CP)
      • Nebula-class - Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit (1,200 CP)
      • Nimbus-class - Deep Space Science Vessel Costume (160 CP)
      • Oberth-class - Light Science Vessel (800 CP)
      • Nova-class Refit (Rhode Island) - Science Vessel including Photonic Displacer Module (800 CP)

    • Shuttlecraft:
      • Delta Flyer (400 CP)

    • Starfleet Registry Prefix:
      • NX (80 CP)

  • Klingon:
    • Birds-of-Prey:
      • B'rel-class - Bird-of-Prey Retrofit (1,200 CP)

    • Destroyers / Raptors:
      • Guramba-class - Siege Destroyer (2000 CP)

    • Cruisers:
      • Marauder-class (Orion) - Patrol Cruiser (1200 CP)
        Tor'Kaht-class - Battle Cruiser Costume (160 CP)

    • Science Vessels:
      • Varanus-class (Gorn) - Fleet Support Vessel (1200 CP)

    • Carriers:
      • Kar'Fi-class (Fek'lhri) - Battle Carrier (1200 CP)

Bridge Packs:
  • Federation:
    • Cruisers:
      • Emissary-class Variants (4 Pack) - Star Cruisers (200 CP)
      • Galaxy-class Variants (3 Pack) - Exploration Cruisers (120 CP)
      • Miranda-class Variants (3 Pack) - Light Cruisers (120 CP)

    • Escorts:
      • Defiant-class Variants (3 Pack) - Tactical Escorts (120 CP)
      • Prometheus-class variants (4 Pack) - Advanced Escorts (200 CP)

    • Science:
      • Destiny-class Variants (4 Pack) - Deep Space Science Vessels (200 CP)
      • Intrepid-class Variants (3 Pack) - Long Range Science Vessels (120 CP)

  • Klingon:
    • Birds-of-Prey:
      • B'rel-class (6 Pack) - Birds-of-Prey (240 CP)

    • Raptors:

    • Cruisers:
      • Negh'Var-class (4 Pack) - Battle Cruisers (200 CP)
      • Vor'cha-class (2 Pack) - Battle Cruisers (80 CP

    • Carriers:
      • Vo'quv-class (2 Pack) - Carriers (80 CP)

  • Federation / Klingon:
    • Emotes:
      • Bloodwine (20 CP)
      • Emote Pack I: Pick Me, Shoo, and Frustrated (120 CP
      • Emote Pack II: Bow (Formal), Air Guitar, and Dance (Jester) (120 CP)
      • Khan (20 CP)

    • Melee Weapon Packs:
      • The Vulcan Seleya Ceremonial Lirpa and Klingon Kri'stak Blade Pack (240 CP)

    • Pets:
      • Fluidic Space Tribble (120 CP)
      • Sehlat Cub (120 CP)
      • Tribble of Borg (120 CP)

    • Services:
      • Additional Bank Slots (160 CP per character)
      • Additional Character Slots (500 CP for 2, 850 CP for 4)
      • Additional Inventory Slots (160 CP per character)
      • Captain Rename Token (280 CP)
      • Captain Retrain Token (400 CP)
      • Two Additional Bridge Officer Slots (400 CP)
      • Two Additional Costume Slots (400 CP)
      • Two Additional Ship Slots (400 CP)

    • Skill Point Boost (20%):
      • 1 Hour (120 CP)
      • 8 Hours (780 CP)

  • Federation:
    • Pets:
      • Rivera Tribble (120 CP)
  • Klingon:
    • Pets:
      • Targ (120 CP)
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# 3
03-27-2010, 10:59 AM
I spent 0 Cryptic points for now. I will most likely buy a lot of points during season 2 if Cryptic delivers what they said. For instance, I don't need a new bridge for now since I almost never use it, but once they give us stuff to do inside the ship, I'll probably buy several of them.
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# 4
03-27-2010, 11:03 AM
I'm holding off on spending any of my points until the other ships are released. I don't like this first one and want to see what the others are like. If I don't like them, I might just buy some extra slots and the playable races for now.

If they let us do stuff on our bridges I'll invest in the bridge packs at a later date. But for now I'm holding on to my points.
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# 5
03-27-2010, 11:04 AM
So far I haven't purchased any C-Store points for STO. I just used the 240 for taking the survey.

Purchased the Imperial Class Assault Cruiser model. I love the design, except for the odd tin roofs on the neck.

I plan to purchase more from the C-Store down the road in the form of all ship models and likely races (especially that Caitian). Bridges, etc are purchases for when we have more to do in the ship than stand around and talk.
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# 6
03-27-2010, 11:11 AM
I bought 500 CP's and got 240 through the survey.

I spent:

240 points for a Klingon. He works great, even though he's constantly frowning, but he needs a sash. I would pay extra for that.

280 points for a rename. It worked, but they should explain that you have to log out and use it on the character screen.

My only critic at the C-Store points are the following: Tellarites are too expensive in comparison with Ferengi (if you go after how common they should be in Starfleet, did I miss an awesome exclusive trait?), and there isn't enough stuff yet.
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# 7
03-27-2010, 11:17 AM
I bought 500 pionts and recieved 240 ponts for survey and some more for preorder bunus or something like that.

SO far I bought a ferengi, and A new bridge option. So not a lot. I don't mind the c-store. I would have had a problem if the respec was c-store only but since they offer and ingame option I am happy even though i think it's current c-store price is way too high. Only fluff stuff should ever be in the c-store. Never anything needed for gameplay.
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# 8
03-27-2010, 11:18 AM
I have 500 pts from buying Dx, and won't spend it on fluff so I have spent 0
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# 9
03-27-2010, 11:34 AM
Originally Posted by K-Tar
He works great, even though he's constantly frowning, but he needs a sash. I would pay extra for that.
If you're referring to the sash-like thing that Worf frequently wore it's actually called a baldric. Just a fun fact for the day.

I've purchased 0 Cryptic points. I've spent 0 Cryptic points. I have 500 from my pre-order bonus and 240 from the survey bonus. I guess I'm waiting for the C-store to have something I'm interested in purchasing. What would I be interesting in purchasing? Don't know.
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I have spent 15 on Cryptic Points (CP) which got me 2000 CP and I took the previous survey and recieved 240 CP for doing that, which I saved unitl yesterday.

Yesterday I purchased the following C-Store products in the follwing order:
  • Additional Character Slots (500 Cryptic Points for 2 character slots)

  • Playable Federation Klingon (240 Cryptic Points).

  • Playable Federation Ferengi (80 Cryptic Points)

  • Federation Bridge Pack II: Light Cruiser (120 Cryptic Points)

  • Federation Bridge Pack I: Star Cruiser (200 Cryptic Points)

  • Klingon Empire Bridge Pack I: Battle Cruiser (200 Cryptic Points)

I did a little research on the forums first, as I have a lifetime sub, so I allready had 5 Character Slots and after finding out that the amount of Character Slots is not currently limited, I purchased the "Additional Character Slots (500 Cryptic Points for 2 character slots)" which totaled my Character Slots up to 7 max, but if i want to, I can purchase more.

I also read a very interesting statment from dstahl which I have quoted for you below.

Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
The webstore team state that there is currently no limit to the additional characters slots you can purchase (although they've only tried up to 100).
So I'm very happy with my lucky number of 7 Character Slots for now and now that I can have more in the future if I ever feel I need more.

I decided to purchase the "Playable Federation Klingon (240 Cryptic Points)", well because I had 240 CP from the survey and Klingons are cool, plus they have pretty awesome traits to start with.

I purchased the "Playable Federation Ferengi (80 Cryptic Points)" and the "Federation Bridge Pack II: Light Cruiser (120 Cryptic Points)" as they total up to 200 CP together, I was never really interested in the Ferengi, but I now have the option open to me and the Bridges are basically retextures of the Bridge from the ship you start the tutorial in. There are some changes to the layouts of Bridge Stations, Consoles etc and the lighting as well as color differences are pretty cool.

I was invited to one of the new Star Crusier Bridges by a fellow player and got to hang out there for a good hour or so, and I've gotta say, the first thing I thought was this bridge is huge! There's some nice attention to detail to, like the arrangement of bridge stations, chairs and there are a number of images on the consoles, images of corridors, image of a ship (not sure which one). The view screen seems a bit small comapred to teh rest of the bridge but the lighting effects near the view screen are very neat.

So yeah I purchased the "Federation Bridge Pack I: Star Cruiser (200 Cryptic Points)", but I don't think I would have it it wasn't for that player inviting me over to their bridge.

Lastly I purchased the "Klingon Empire Bridge Pack I: Battle Cruiser (200 Cryptic Points)" simply because they look awesome, all industrial, dirty and well, Klingon! LoL

So I have 900 CP left, what else do I have left in the C-Store to purchase?
  • Retrain (400 Cryptic Points)

  • Additional Character Slots (500 Cryptic Points for 2 character slots)

  • Captain Rename (280 Cryptic Points per token)

  • Federation Assault Cruiser - Imperial Class (240 Cryptic Points)

  • Playable Federation Tellarite (200 Cryptic Points)

I would really much rarther avoid spending CP on the "Retrain (400 Cryptic Points)" option, as you can do this for ingame currency, you also get a number free Respec tokens and I can also be very careful in what skills I train in the first place.

I have enough character slots for now and i have no need to change my characters name as I got it right the first time, but it is nice to know the option is available and if I really wasn't happy with my character, I would probably just save his costume, delete him and recreate him, then play from scratch.

I don't have a engineer and I'm currently only a Lt Commander as I've been playing very casually while waiting for updates, so the "Federation Assault Cruiser - Imperial Class (240 Cryptic Points)" can wait.

The "Playable Federation Tellarite (200 Cryptic Points)" has some nice traits, but they really just don't appeal to me, I've just never been interested in dwarfs.


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